We offer high-quality, in-depth NLP training to enable you to apply this powerful toolkit to your everyday business needs.


Why learn NLP?

Like it or not, your success in business is heavily dependent on your ability to interact successfully with other people.  The nature of the interaction is obviously specific to your particular role and profession, but if you can’t get what you want from other people, you’re always going to struggle to get ahead.

Fortunately, human beings are creatures of habit.  What may appear mystifying in other people’s behaviour, reactions and responses does actually have a structure.  Learning NLP gives you insights into that structure so you can make better sense of other people and make better decisions of how to handle your relationships with them.

At Brilliant Minds, we specialise in practical applications of Psychology that make your working day easier, reduce the frustrations caused by other people and free up your mental energy to focus on the priorities.

A client told us….

“I don’t know what I need, but I know I need something”


We offer a variety of NLP and related training programmes, from quick introductions to in-depth training through all the stages to Certified Trainer.

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Arthur C. Clarke

Case Study

Case study: NLP Practitioner Training at Schaeffler (UK) Ltd