[Article] When the first flush of enthusiasm wears off

We’ve all done it.  Started the year, month, week or even the day full of big plans and enthusiasm only to find that the goal was more challenging than expected and that the initial enthusiasm wasn’t enough to carry us through to successful completion. What to do then?

[Video] Making sense of lockdown with the SCARF model

Hear me talk about how the SCARF Model can help you make sense of lockdown. If you haven't come across it before, the SCARF Model is a piece of neuroscience that focusses on the social concerns that drive people's behaviour.

[Article] What’s wrong with being a perfectionist?

My friend called in for a cup of coffee and a chat and found me doing the ironing. I made coffee and she pulled up a kitchen chair as I resumed my work. Although she was telling me her latest news I noticed her watching closely as I transformed a crumpled heap of fabric into an immaculate, crisp white shirt.

[Video] How to assess your own development needs

Sometimes people come to me and say: "I don't really know what I need, but I know I need something." Which is interesting - because how would you know that you need something if you have no idea what it is? And yet somehow we do.

[Video] The truth about NLP Practitioner training

At the end of the 10th day on our most recent course, we asked 5 people if they would tell us how they were feeling about the training, what they were getting out of it, and how it compared with what they thought they were going to get out of the course. This is what they said...

[Article] Keeping your brain active

During lockdown, I’ve been chatting to my Mum on the phone more regularly than usual. Being over 70, she’s even more restricted than me in her daily activities. We’ve discussed a lot of different topics in the last three months and there is one subject that keeps recurring: How do you keep your brain active if you can’t go out and get some exercise?

[Article] Lessons from Lockdown

As I’ve made my way through weeks of enforced isolation and a long list of ‘lockdown projects’ my mind flits between the experience and the analysis of the experience.  In NLP terms, I’m switching between 1st and 3rd positions. At times I’ve been fascinated by my own – and other people’s - reactions to the situation, and at times I’ve simply been reacting.

[Video] Secrets of successful group training

I recently read a piece of research that got me thinking about why some training programmes might not work, when others do. And to be honest, most of what I came up with is nothing to do with what the trainers are doing, and very little to do with the content of the workshop. It's actually all to do with the way it's set up...

[Video] Why are women treated differently from men at work?

Sometimes people ask me why it is that women seem to get overlooked for promotions and why we have the gender pay gap in the UK that we have.

[Video] The power of storytelling

It was recently World Book Day and it gave me an opportunity - and an excuse - to run my fingers lovingly over my bookshelves and ponder on some of the books that have been most influential in my life. I started thinking about the whole issue of stories and why they're so important to us as human beings...

[Article] It’s virtually the same

I’ve said on several occasions, that I’m not keen on the idea of running virtual training programmes and workshops.  I believe that when you all get in the same room and breathe the same air, something different happens, that is impossible to recreate through virtual media. Having said that...

[Video] Breaking old habits

Human beings are creatures of habit aren't they? I had one of my ingrained habits challenged in a big way recently. So what did I do when faced with the opportunity - indeed the necessity - to do something different?