[Article] Nothing is good or bad

‘Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so’ according to William Shakespeare. I really think the Bard knew what he was talking about here. 

[Video] Towards and Away From Motivation

There's been a lot written over the years about what motivates people and... that's not my subject! My subject is HOW do people get motivated? Because actually, there are only 2 ways that a person can motivate themselves to do a specific task or activity.

[Article] Your Mindset Matters

When I first heard the word ‘mindset’ I cringed slightly.  I tend to like ‘proper’ use of English words and grammar.  I’m uncomfortable with the practice of adapting nouns into verbs – such as ‘gifting’ instead of ‘giving a gift’ – and I think it’s a bit sad that with the wealth of vocabulary available to us we’re constantly inventing new words to sum up the meaning of several.

[Article] Getting out of overwhelm

Have you ever started the day with a list of ‘stuff’ to do and lots of good intentions? It’s a regular feature of my week. How often do you actually get everything on the list complete by the end of the day?

[Video] Who is NLP Practitioner Training for?

Several people have asked me recently: "Who is the NLP Practitioner Training for?" If you've been wondering the same thing, the easiest thing is for me to tell you who's been doing it recently and who's planning to do it in the course that's running this autumn...

[Article] The weekly one-to-one – why bother?

How many people do you have in your team? Four? Five? Ten? More? If you have a large team, the idea of conducting weekly one-to-ones with each person can seem overwhelming, so it’s not surprising that lots of people report that their manager regularly cancels their one-to-one meeting.

[Video] Let me tell you a story…

This story is about a client I had a few years ago who came to me for some coaching because he had got himself into a career cul-de-sac. He had been the Finance Director for Purchasing in his organisation for quite some time, everything was running smoothly, but basically he was the only person who really understood how it all worked...

[Article] Mind, Body and Business

There is a basic principle of NLP that says ‘the mind and the body are all one system’.  So as well as taking care of your mindset, how about taking care of your body?

[Video] The client is resourceful and will come to a solution with or without a coach

This Presupposition of a Brilliant Coach is important because there is often the feeling amongst coaches that you have to finish the process and make sure your client leaves with a solution rather than saying: "That's your time up for today".

[Article] Everyone’s a Foreigner!

Have you ever been in a business meeting with a colleague and afterwards commented on how well it went? If your colleague looked at you in amazement and said it was a complete waste of time you may have found yourself wondering whether you were in the same meeting. The NLP answer is that you were in two separate meetings, because you were each filtering the experience differently.