[Article] Everyone’s a Foreigner!

Have you ever been in a business meeting with a colleague and afterwards commented on how well it went? If your colleague looked at you in amazement and said it was a complete waste of time you may have found yourself wondering whether you were in the same meeting. The NLP answer is that you were in two separate meetings, because you were each filtering the experience differently.

[Video] There is a reason why you are the coach for this client

One of the things I know from having been around a lot of coaches over the years is that it's not uncommon for people to come to you with issues that have also been relevant to you. It doesn't always happen when you're in the middle of it - although it can do...

[Article] Get it done!

Do you have anything on your ‘to do’ list that you just can’t seem to get around to doing?  Here is a method to get it done.

[Video] Energy Levels

Have you ever been on a training programme that lasted a whole day, where there's been a lunch break and and you notice, after lunch, that the energy in the room has dropped a bit? People seem a bit less talkative, a bit less enthusiastic and, in some cases, downright sleepy! One thing you may not realise is that the post-lunch slump is more to do with the time you got up than the food you just ate...

[Article] A Word About Gender

In these politically correct times, we often disregard the differing attitudes of men and women in the workplace. However, those differences are real and any manager or coach who ignores them is missing out on vital keys to influence and success.

[Video] The connection between Emotional Intelligence and NLP

Given that Emotional Intelligence and NLP are both about interacting with other people and self awareness, I'm often asked what the connection is and whether there's an overlap. I believe there is and that they are two different sides of the same thing...

[Article] A Good Read

I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read. My older sister says she taught me to read as soon as she learned, which would mean I was not yet three years old when the mysteries of the written word began to be revealed to me... Perhaps that’s why I’m a compulsive reader. I read everything. Books, newspapers, junk mail, the back of the cereal packet, billboards, road signs, public notices, planning notices and menus. Very little passes under my eyes without being read.

[Video] How to assess your own development needs

Sometimes people come to me and say: "I don't really know what I need, but I know I need something." Which is interesting - because how would you know that you need something if you have no idea what it is? And yet somehow we do.

[Article] When goals are not enough

As I look around everyone seems to have such busy lives. Even schoolchildren have an endless round of after-school clubs, ‘playdates’ and parties. Business people race from one meeting to the next, with no time in between to think, plan or delegate tasks. Small wonder that everyone seems to be reading email on the go (or in meetings). What did we do before we had smartphones? 

[Video] 10 Question Problem Solver

This 10 Question Problem Solver is for you if you've got some kind of issue going round in your head, you're looping back over the same things, and you need to make some kind of progress.