A Practical Guide to NLP for Work

by Dianne Lowther

Because NLP is a big subject and at first glance it’s not obvious what’s going to be relevant at work and what’s best left in the therapists consulting room, some people miss out on valuable applications of NLP in the workplace.

This compact book encapsulates all the essential principles of NLP that can be easily applied at work without drawing attention to yourself for anything other than great results. It’s full of real life examples, practical tips, and techniques to try out for yourself.

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“I have recently read your book NLP for Work and was very impressed by it. I had some NLP training a few years ago and had not concentrated much on it of late so this was a brilliant re-introduction to the topic for me. I normally underline sections of books that I find particularly useful but I didn’t bother with NLP for Work as I would have ended up underlining the entire book. I shall keep it close to hand and refer to it often.”

Max Robberts

“It’s a wonderfully accessible guide to some fascinating ideas and real tools that can be used every day.”

Adrian Bleese

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Joe O’Connor reading his first edition copy in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Debbie Stone reading her second edition copy in Switzerland.