Attention: NLP Enthusiasts, Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Trainers and Coaches

Use Your NLP

The online self-study programme taking you back through material you learned in the past and helping you find new relevance and mastery.

Are you ready to:

  • Dig deeper into the NLP you already know and find the hidden value in familiar techniques?
  • Re-visit aspects of NLP that you haven’t used since you first learned them and tap into the potential they represent?
  • Take your NLP into new contexts?
  • Get even more value from the training you’ve already done?
  • Share ideas, applications, experiences and uses and find out what really works?

Do you have an idea…

                              of the all NLP you’ve learned over time…

                                                                                                how much you actually, actively use now?

I’d be willing to bet that there are bits of NLP that you learned in your first introduction to the subject that you’ve either forgotten about, stopped using or replaced with something else. There are probably aspects of NLP that you tell other people about, but don’t actually use for yourself.

NLP is such a rich subject that it can take years to comprehend and fully utilise all the knowledge and skills contained in even a short training course.

Most people, coming out of NLP Practitioner training have so many new tools to use that they just concentrate on their favourites – the ones they found easiest or the ones that helped them to get the most significant results. The sad truth is that almost every NLP-er has loads of great tools in the kit that they never use!

It’s now nearly 30 years since I first started learning NLP

I’ve attended over 120 days of NLP training as a participant, assisted at close to 100 days of NLP training run by other trainers and it’s now well over 1000 days of NLP training that I’ve delivered myself or co-delivered.

After all that involvement in NLP training, one thing I’m really certain of is this:

“Just because someone has ‘done’ an NLP pattern or technique on a course,

it doesn’t necessarily follow that they ‘know’ it or will think of using it after the course is over.”

Dianne Lowther

One of the areas I focus on as a Trainer of NLP is how to organise the material and the practical exercises so that the maximum number of people get the maximum learning and benefit from the programme. I’ve experimented endlessly with different formats and exercises until I’m really confident that I know what’s going to work for different audiences and different individuals.

So I really feel like I know NLP.

Until now it’s not been easy to keep your NLP fresh on an ongoing basis

I developed this programme because I wanted to help you, as a practitioner of NLP, to keep your knowledge and skills current. How to support you in integrating your NLP right through your life in a consistent and progressive way.

Without this, it’s generally been a case of having to attend a regular Practice Group or another training programme, with all the time and financial costs that involves. And I’m very aware that times have been hard for many people recently and you may not have been able to attend all of the training programmes that attracted you.

So if you’ve been feeling ready to take your NLP skills to another level but the time hasn’t been right to sign up for another course, then here it is, especially for you…

The unique online monthly learning programme that refreshes and develops your NLP mastery – one technique at a time

This is an ongoing, online programme that will focus you on regular additions to your knowledge and skills. And a whole year of the programme will cost you about a tenth of the price of the average two day training course.

Here’s how it works…

All the material is available for you online, so you can access it whenever you want and you can work through it at your own speed.

The programme runs on a monthly basis which means that each month you gain access to a new ‘NLP Technique of the Month’.

For every month’s technique the material includes an audio or video demo to listen to / watch. There are step by step instructions, the keys to making the technique work, notes on what it can be used for, as well as examples and case studies.

‘Use Your NLP’ is available at three levels, to suit your current knowledge and experience of NLP:


Practitioner level is for you if:

…you are new to NLP
…or if you have undertaken Practitioner training
…or if your NLP is just for your personal use

Master Practitioner level is for you if:

…you’re a Master Practitioner
…or if you’re a Practitioner working towards Master Practitioner certification
…or if you’re a NLP coach or therapist

Trainer level is for you if:

…you’re a NLP Trainer
…or you’re a Master Practitioner working towards Trainer certification
…or you’re a professional trainer using NLP in your workshops and courses

“I turned on the computer this morning and ran one of the video clips from your website – the one on values since that is what is occupying my mind just now. Whao – talk about a state change – within 3 minutes of turning it on I was hooked! The explanations were so clear, concise, easy to understand and made such good sense. I was delighted. I could see myself able to explain the same thing confidently to others, now it is clear in my head.

I spent a lot of money doing my NLP training and I really want to keep it alive but I was finding it difficult and much of what I learned was falling away. Now I am so motivated. The video clips are short – I can watch one over breakfast and then let it tick over in my head during the day.”

Cathy Mullan

“I’ve really enjoyed using the ‘Use Your NLP’ materials from the Brilliant Minds Academy. The materials are easy to follow and help me in making use of my NLP skills in an easy and pragmatic way. When I haven’t used a technique for a while I always turn to ‘Use Your NLP’ for a refresh.”

Corrine Thomas

Career and Wellbeing Coach

Ready to give it a go?

All you need to do is select the right package for you, using the information in the table below.

What's Included

  Practitioner Master Practitioner Trainer
Video or Audio demo
Step by step instructions
The Keys to making it work
What it can be used for
Examples and Case Studies
Variations on the technique  
How to use it in coaching  
How to teach it    
How to demo it    
Permission to use Brilliant Minds material in your own workshops and courses    

Pay Monthly - No Minimum Commitment

  £35 £55 £75

Annual Investment - Re-launch Offer - Half Price!

SAVE £210
SAVE £330
SAVE £450
Annual Investment - 12 Months For The Price Of 10
SAVE £70
SAVE £110
SAVE £150
All prices include VAT

Sign up today and you could be reaping all these benefits before you know it…

  • Refresh your knowledge of the great techniques you learned on a training course once, but haven’t used since. Integrate them into your work and life alongside your regular, favourite techniques and see how quickly they improve the results you’re getting.
  • Keep NLP alive in your conscious mind on an ongoing basis… practise each monthly technique consciously too and everyone around you will notice the positive difference.
  • New learning, active revision, support and encouragement all without the travel costs, accommodation expense and time demands of a training course. This isn’t just an effective way to keep learning, it’s a great value way too!
  • Use your NLP actively and regularly and not only will YOU feel better, achieve more and have better relationships… everyone around you will benefit from the positive difference too.