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Tools, ideas and insights to help you and your team…

  • Get where you want to be in your organisation and your career or business
  • Gain confidence that you can be or do or have what you want
  • Take charge of your life, your career and any situation
  • Have more rewarding relationships
  • Get the success you deserve
“Dianne is insightful, to the point and fun. She has an amazing ability to listen and then ask the question that is truly going to make all the difference. I love working with Dianne, highly highly recommended – she will enable you and your people to produce results they didn’t think were possible.”

Suzanne Pool

CEO and Chief Consultant at Suzanne Pool Services Limited
“Dianne transformed my career and myself. Working with Dianne opened my mind and removed the barriers that were stopping me from being successful. I would recommend Dianne highly to organisations who want complete transformation for individuals and for teams.”

Kathy Cooper

Direct Corporate Audit at Jaguar and Land Rover

Why learn NLP, Neuroscience or any form of Psychology?

Like it or not, your success in business is heavily dependent on your ability to interact successfully with other people.  The nature of the interaction is obviously specific to your particular role and profession, but if you can’t get what you want from other people, you’re always going to struggle to get ahead.

Fortunately, human beings are creatures of habit.  What may appear mystifying in other people’s behaviour, reactions and responses does actually have a structure.  Learning NLP, Neuroscience or any other form of Psychology gives you insights into that structure so you can make better sense of other people and make better decisions of how to handle your relationships with them.

At Brilliant Minds, we specialise in practical applications of Psychology that make your working day easier, reduce the frustrations caused by other people and free up your mental energy to focus on the priorities.

If this appeals to you…

Join us for our ‘Taster Day’ on NLP, Neuroscience and the Psychology of Brilliant Business.  It’s designed to give you an overview of NLP and how it can usefully be applied in business.  We’ve also included some Neuroscience because advances in Neuroscience are shedding new light on NLP and actually providing scientific evidence for elements of NLP that had previously only been experientially verified.  The Psychology of Brilliant Business is what we call the combination of skills, insights and tools that enable you to do more than just hope for the best when it comes to the people side of your business day.

What you learn

  • What is NLP and how can it be used in business?
  • NLP ‘modelling‘ approaches to success and problem-solving
  • Mindset tools to give you more control over your thoughts
  • A taste of Neuroscience – the SCARF model and what it means for business leaders
  • The importance of choice
  • A slice of the Language and Behaviour (LAB)Profile
  • Conversational coaching tools you can use with others but also for your own success

Some of the everyday applications of NLP you get in the day

  • A simple but effective technique to remember names. Forget the embarrassment of not knowing who you’re talking to – even though you recognise their face. People will be clamouring to do business with you because you make them feel special.
  • The keys to successful problem-solving that you can model (no matter what business you’re in)….plus a PROVEN TEMPLATE for fast mega-successful coaching conversations. (A 10-question ‘problem to solution’ process.)
  • A very simple tactic for getting control over what goes on in your head. (An astonishingly quick and easy technique…but known to very few people.)
  • One of the fundamental patterns in how people get motivated that – once you know what to listen out for – you’ll notice easily.  Also the key words and phrases you can use to tap into anyone’s natural motivation patterns and get them doing what you want.
  • A SINGLE QUESTION you can add to any recruitment interview to gain accurate insights into candidates’ attitude to change and the length of time they’re likely to remain in a role.

8 reasons to join us

  • To discover the invisible patterns in the behaviour of those around you and start to develop a superior insight and unobtrusive influencing skills
  • To gain an overview of NLP and how it can be useful in the workplace
  • To find out more about how the human brain works and what triggers different states of mind and different patterns of behaviour
  • To have fun learning something new with like-minded people
  • To introduce your team or colleagues or boss to NLP – let us do the work of getting past the cynicism and scepticism, all you have to do is bring them along!
  • To find out what’s new at Brilliant Minds and how we’re using the latest developments
  • To solve a particular problem or work on a strategic priority in a totally different environment with all kinds of experts on hand
  • To discover more about yourself and how you can influence, impact and succeed!

How NLP meets your business needs

  • Refines your self-management skills

As organisation structures get flatter and more ‘matrixed’, managers have more people to deal with and hence less time for each one. Common working practices mean that many people work from home or as part of a virtual team.  The amount of time spent face-to-face with colleagues and the amount of input from managers reduces more and more. To perform effectively every person must be self-managing to some extent.

NLP techniques and principles can support activities such as goal-setting, self-motivation, overcoming nervousness before an important event, conquering mental blocks, improving decision-making techniques and managing self-development.  I can even show you how to get past your dislike of conference calls, your fear of flying or the effects of your colleagues’ irritating habits!

  • Makes your communication count

Communication is probably the biggest challenge in any organisation, and the larger it is, the more of a challenge communications become. In the face of increasingly complex company structures, reliance on technology and the amount of time people spend working from home, effective communication is getting harder, and yet is also more important than ever.  The pressure is on – to make face-to-face time count and get results from every interaction.

NLP can be applied to work out effective communication strategies for different individuals and groups. By using NLP models and questioning systems we can find out a lot about how others construct their perception of the world and how best to structure communications to achieve the desired goal.  I promise you’ll never be lost for words again and when you need to phrase something carefully, you’ll have a framework to achieve the desired effect.

  • Accelerates your learning and development

The pace of life and business is relentless. In the race for market share, most companies have to be highly flexible and adaptable in order to succeed. This means that the workforce must be highly flexible and adaptable too. They need to be able to rise above the pressure and chaos to learn new skills efficiently, manage change enthusiastically and constantly seek out new sources of competitive advantage.

Much of NLP was developed through techniques of modelling, which involves exploring the internal and external processes associated with excellent performance and teaching them to others.

Modelling can be used effectively by organisations to replicate the excellence of certain individuals. For example, wouldn’t it be useful to know the real skills difference between your company’s top salesperson and the rest? Similarly, for individuals, NLP can help you to develop a reliable strategy for your own learning and how to model skills from colleagues, specialists or even public figures.

Any other training you undertake after learning NLP will be so much easier.  You’ll know how to use the new material for yourself and you’ll have quick ways of adopting new approaches.

  • Resolves your past negative experiences

There are an increasing number of people who have experienced redundancy, a takeover, relocation, a merger or some kind of violence or harassment at work. Even the best organisations do not always succeed in helping people come through these experiences with a positive attitude. At worst, a whole organisation may end up demoralised and unproductive through a badly managed merger or change programme. Reluctant though you or I may be to admit it, many of us carry these bad experiences with us through life – hindering us from achieving our full potential.

NLP offers some of the best and quickest techniques for acknowledging the personal significance of these experiences and shaking off the resulting mistrust of employers, anger and distress, low morale, lack of motivation and loss of self-worth. Having moved through the negative effects of the events, you are then free to consider the value of what you have learned and to apply it constructively in the future.

Overall, NLP offers a structured, systematic approach and reliable, effective techniques for dealing with the most challenging aspects of managing people – and ‘people’ includes you!!!!

How will you benefit?

  • Open your eyes to the hitherto invisible patterns in other people’s behaviour
  • New insight into what makes you tick and how to get more of it
  • Tools and techniques you can use to influence, impact and succeed
  • Wider perspective on everyday issues through discussion with other participants
  • Clear understanding of how to develop your skills in this arena
“Dianne shows you how to bring the personal touch to business and vice versa. Deeply knowledgeable about the theory behind personal development and yet packages it for delivery in a way suited to every individual’s needs. Her mantra of “people don’t ask difficult questions, they ask questions to make it simple for themselves” will stay with me forever.”

Dave Riches

Head of Member Engagement EMEA, TM Forum
“I have known Dianne from the mid-1990s and more recently experienced her development programmes at Brilliant Minds. Dianne possesses an unassuming and at times dis-arming approach to her development and coaching interventions which is effective in really delivering self-awareness and personal growth, posing those searching questions and delivering bullseye comments, that really help.”

Nick Hawley

UK Director of HR and Public Affairs, Eurotunnel Services
“Dianne Lowther is indeed the bearer of a brilliant mind. I have watched her facilitate, coach and inspire others to perform. Her work is elegant and effective. With few words she gives others insights and skills to work better with others, use their own abilities more effectively and live with confidence and compassion. I highly recommend Dianne as a trainer and coach, and all round wonderful human being.”

Shelle Rose Charvet

Expert on Influencing & Persuasion; what motivates and demotivates people
“One of the things I particularly like about Dianne’s workshops is the way she introduces, explains and explores the principles of NLP in a very clear and simple way that is really accessible to any audience. She makes it really easy to learn how to apply the techniques in the workplace and in everyday life to get much better results, quickly and more easily.”

Peter Jefford

Master Coach
“Having gone through the NLP training course, speaking personally, it’s really, really helped me in these difficult times because it’s given me tools and techniques to cope with the stresses and strains that the economic downturn has created for us. Without it, this would be a more difficult situation to manage. And I think this goes for other people on the course too.”

Roger Evans

Plant Director at Schaeffler (UK) Ltd

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