Stress and Sensory Preferences


Stress is a highly personal thing. The situation that has your heart racing and your mind in overwhelm doesn’t produce the same effect on everyone.

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What are you voting for?


Voting in a General Election is, for many of us, a highly significant event. It’s an opportunity to influence the way our country is governed and it’s an expression of our values and beliefs, whichever way we vote.

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Finding the Complex Equivalences


A few months ago I had lunch with a group of senior HR professionals and we discussed the idea of Talent Management.  One of the most striking insights to emerge from that conversation was the realisation that there is no unique, universal definition of Talent Management and that it means different things in different organisations and is conducted differently in different organisations.

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...And Relax


At this time of year there is usually a lot of focus on activity.  Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution to exercise, a challenging goal to create something new, a round of home improvements or a big quarterly target to hit at work, there’s often a lot to be done in January and February.

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Stop the world – I want to get off!


Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed with the amount of ‘stuff’ you have to do, that you wish you could just press ‘pause’ for a while and escape your commitments and responsibilities? Even just for a few minutes?

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Leadership and Technology


Technology is at the heart of most modern businesses. Not just the desktop pcs that enable people to work and communicate; it’s websites and internet marketing; it’s smart manufacturing systems; it’s high-tech research and development tools; it’s customer apps – the whole ‘Digital’ landscape.

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Can you believe it?


In the wake of major political events, there has been lots of debate on social media, plus a certain of amount weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth from those who are unhappy about the decisions made by democratic vote.

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[Video] Most people don't leave their job, they leave their boss


According to research done quite some time ago, when people decide that they're ready to change jobs, sometimes it's genuinely because they've exhausted the possibilities in their current job and they're ready to move on and do something else.

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The Art of the Fresh Start


September! All over the UK children are going back to school, neatly dressed in recently-bought uniform and clutching bags filled with new stationary. Some are optimistic, others are resentful of this return to daily learning.

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Choosing your Champion for Change


Some people love change.  They get really motivated by the prospect of something new or different and they’re excited by the opportunity to do something they haven’t done before. 

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What is Coaching?


A recent CIPD Annual Learning & Talent Development survey highlighted coaching as one of the top five talent management activities.  Of the companies that took part in the survey 51% offered coaching to managers.

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Why IT Managers Rarely Make Good Leaders


Most IT departments have a very large training budget and most of them spend it all. On technical training.

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The Cynics in the IT Department


There is a type of personality that is attracted to working in IT. You know it, the HR team knows it and most of the rest of the organisation knows it too. 

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The IT Department Disconnect


Most organisations couldn’t function without their IT. In many industries you need the latest technology just to be in the game and if you aren’t making the most of that technology to create competitive advantage then your market share can dwindle rapidly.

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