Choosing your Champion for Change

Some people love change.  They get really motivated by the prospect of something new or different and they’re excited by the opportunity to do something they haven’t done before. 

Not everyone is like that.  Other people enjoy stability and continuity.  They’re motivated by knowing what’s going to happen, how to deal with it and when to act.  They like the predictability of cyclical work and the rhythm of repetition.

And of course, there are people in between who like some change so long as it’s not too often.

Now, consider:  when you’re planning a significant change in your team or organisation, who are you most likely to choose to be its champion?

…the person who loves change of course!

And that’s where the problems begin.  The person who loves change will talk about this change to others and they will enthuse about the aspects that they personally find most motivating:

“This is like nothing else we’ve ever done”

“It’s so different to the old system, you won’t believe what it can do!”

“It’s a completely new approach”

“It’s going to make a difference to everything we do”

All this is music to the ears of a person who loves change, but to someone who prefers continuity, it’s painful to hear.  They want to hear about what’s staying the same, what’s improving a little bit or how results will come more easily.

Next time you announce a change to your team, see what happens if you tell them what’s staying the same as well as what’s changing.  I think you might be pleased with the response you get.

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