Dianne Lowther

I first started learning NLP in 1991 because I wanted to improve my influencing skills in my corporate Training Manager role. I quickly found lots of applications for what I learned and completed both Practitioner and Master Practitioner by 1994. I consolidated this learning by attending both programmes again as a trainer’s assistant.

By 1996 I was ready to take the NLP Trainers’ Training. I did this mostly to improve my skills as a trainer and to find out how to apply NLP to group learning. At that stage I wasn’t thinking of teaching Practitioner programmes and thought that if I passed the certification process it would be a bonus.

It was a big programme and I met lots of people who had only started learning NLP in the previous 12 months, many of them had no training experience and most no experience of running a business. The feedback to me throughout the three-week programme was consistently positive and I discovered that my purposeful and thorough style as a trainer lent itself well to teaching NLP. Other people seemed surprised that I wasn’t planning to set up in business straight away.

At that time the trend in NLP training was very much towards cutting down the number of contact days spent in gaining a Practitioner qualification and most people seemed to regard it as a step towards becoming a coach or therapist. I realised that no-one was offering a thorough, in-depth training in how to practice NLP in a corporate environment in order to achieve bottom-line results.

I spent the next 10 years teaching NLP to business people and I kept to a comprehensive 20-day programme. I ran a slightly shorter version in-house for West Midlands Police (read the case study) and also for Schaeffler (UK) Ltd, a manufacturing company in the automotive sector. Both delivered spectacular results and the programme at Schaeffler won a National Training Award in 2009 because of the concrete difference it made to the profitability of the business. (read the case study)

In 2009 I received my certification as a Master Trainer of NLP, which means that I also now run NLP Trainers' Training and accredit new Trainers of NLP.

In 2011 I was approached by Icon Books and asked to write 'Introducing NLP for Work, A Practical Guide' which was published in April 2012.

After 20 years of using NLP in business I feel that I really know how to bring the power of NLP to bear on everyday workplace problems.  I also continue to be fascinated by the subject and I keep discovering new and different applications for familiar skills.

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