What do some brilliant Business Leaders know that you don’t yet?

Would you like to get your team to really believe in your business strategy and goals?


Having a business strategy and goals is one thing, achieving them is another, especially where disagreements, lack of clarity, lack of confidence or a wavering faith in the vision is dragging the whole team down into an endless war of words and a frustrating lack of progress.

I’m a Master Trainer of NLP and I’ve been working with NLP at Senior levels in business for nearly 20 years. I’ve helped hundreds of business leaders to develop the clarity, confidence and communication skills you need get the best out of all of your people – all of the time.

Your organisation needs people to perform. Every day – not just when they feel like it, or when the boss is in a good mood, or when the customers aren’t complaining or when orders are flooding in. You need people to do a good job all the time. 

What gets in the way of this isn’t capability – it’s MINDSET.

Predictably, the solution starts at the top. If you and your Senior team have become bogged down with too much to do and not enough faith in the vision, it’s not easy for you to stamp out the problem in your other employees.  If you’re not certain about your goals, there’s very little chance of anyone else getting excited about them.

Believe me, I also know you and your team have probably already been through plenty of ‘leadership’ training and it’s likely you feel that the last thing you need is another development programme.  So I’d like to offer you a different solution:

A ‘Mindset Day’ is a day dedicated to you and your Senior Team with me or one of my trained facilitators.

What your Mindset Day includes

  • A telephone meeting beforehand to agree the specific objectives for the day and to understand the background and context in which we will be working.
  • An overview of how the mind works and how a few easy-to-master techniques can radically increase your control over your own mindset.  This makes you less susceptible to the negativity and despondence of others.
  • Practical tools for getting to the bottom of any difficulties facing your Department right now.
  • My simple but subtle method for flushing out the sources of lack of confidence in your strategy – or yourselves – and taking action to stop the rot.  This actually turns around the daily bug-bears so they become the foundation for a credible way forward.
  • A proven technique for creating shared goals that everyone can commit to – it takes away the danger of ‘lip-service’ and the resulting stagnation that kills your carefully thought out plans.

In a single day together we can shift the collective mindset of your Senior Team away from caution and doubt and towards a confident and constructive approach without becoming ridiculously optimistic or foolishly ignoring real issues.

What it costs

A Mindset Day costs just £4,500 + VAT (plus facilitator’s expenses) for up to 8 people. The workshop runs from 10am to 4pm with a lunch break and you provide the venue. Your facilitator will come to you, at your usual place of work or another venue of your choice.

How to book

To book your Mindset Day, simply call Sharon Smith on 01408 861569 with your choice of date and location and we will do the rest.

You have nothing to lose by taking up this offer.  We are so confident we make a difference with a Mindset Day, that if – for some unforeseen reason – we don’t achieve the agreed outcomes, we will continue to work with you until you are satisfied.

By tackling the attitudes and mindset amongst your Senior Team, you lay a valuable foundation for a shift in the culture of your whole workforce.
You know that attitude is 90% of success in business. I’m offering you the first step in finding the right attitude in your most important people.  It’s there – even if they don’t realise it!