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How to be a Brilliant Coach

“If a good coach can make a measurable impact on performance, imagine what a Brilliant Coach can do!”

There’s no doubt about it, coaching works.

But the extent to which it works depends on the skill of the coach. Coaching is not the same as training. It’s not the same as mentoring. It’s not the same as giving advice.

So what is coaching?

“Coaching is a relationship between a coach and a client that enables the client to access the resources they need to succeed.”

If you’ve studied NLP, you’ve probably done some coaching. Since we teach NLP, we’ve done a LOT of coaching over the years. During 2012, a colleague and I started getting curious about what we were doing that was getting the results our clients were shouting about.

So we decided to do an NLP modelling project.

How to be a Brilliant Coach’ is the result of our work. By applying the NLP principles of modelling to discover exactly what’s going on when one of us coaches a client, we have created a model of the essential skills of a Brilliant Coach.

We also uncovered the essential MINDSET that goes with those skills. And I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I tell you I think the mindset piece is actually the most significant.

If you’re a coach…

This programme is for you to take your skills to the next level.  In four days you get more development of your skill in working one-to-one than you would ever have believed possible. The combination of NLP models, extensive practice and high quality, precision feedback takes you way beyond your current awareness – that’s a promise.

But it’s not ONLY for coaches…

According to a CIPD Survey Report, coaching by LINE MANAGERS is among organisations’ most effective learning and talent development practices since 2008.

If you lead a team, your ability to coach each person individually, when they most need it, probably represents your greatest value to the organisation. What could be more useful than being able to maintain high levels of performance from everyone who reports to you. (And some who don’t!)

What could be more useful than the ability to increase performance when times are tough?

I can’t think of a single reason why you as a manager or leader WOULDN’T want to be a Brilliant Coach!

Some of the highlights…

  • The 6 Competencies of a Brilliant Coach that you can model (no matter what your current level of experience in coaching)… plus a PROVEN TEMPLATE for evaluating coaching interventions easily and quickly.
  • How to get to the HEART of the client’s problem. And the secret of creating change that adds value in all areas of life.
  • The 3 key elements that make a successful coaching solution for your client. They’re so obvious you’ll kick yourself when I tell you – but most coaches overlook at least one of them.
  • Why ‘What are the most successful coaching methods?‘ is the WRONG question, and what you should be asking (and doing) instead. You’ll take all the stress out of deciding on the processes to use when you know and apply this in the right way.
  • The ‘12 Presuppositions of a Brilliant Coach’ distilled from the beliefs, values and principles of Brilliant Coaches. When you adopt these ways of thinking you gain the MINDSET of a Brilliant Coach.
  • The ‘Magic Mind-read’ technique that allows ANY coach to work with any client. Others will marvel at how YOUR CLIENTS are enjoying RESULTS when other coaches are struggling to understand the problem.
  • A very simple FRAMEWORK for getting clear about your client’s needs. (An astonishingly precise and easy technique …but used by very few people – even the ones who say they know it!)
  • 3 proven ways to increase your sphere of influence with your clients and achieve life-changing results they’ll want to tell everyone about. Your REPUTATION will grow quickly and effortlessly!
  • How to develop your own style as a coach. You discover elements of style and which ones fit with your own natural approach. This creates the foundation for CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT that truly adds to your abilities.
  • Success-based competence assessment: this unique approach to CAPABILITY is essential for Executive coaches. You create a MINDSET SHIFT even before you begin any formal interventions.
  • How to get yourself in the right frame of mind to be a Brilliant Coach. Whether it’s the CONFIDENCE to get started or the COURAGE to move beyond your current comfort zone, you’ll have it when you complete this programme.
  • The NUMBER ONE MISTAKE that 99% of coaches make with their clients (that in many cases leads to unnecessary stress on both sides). And a simple principle you can use instead which ensures you NEVER make this detrimental error again.
  • And that’s not all…

As well as in-depth learning of the essential skills of a coach, we’re also offering you:

  • comprehensive checklist to set up a new coaching relationship in a seamless and professional way WITHOUT ANY OF THE ANXIETY that usually accompanies the contracting process. Imagine what this will do for your ability to generate new clients!
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback. Every step of the way you’ll receive quality, specific feedback to increase your awareness and capability and develop the finesse of a BRILLIANT COACH.


To ensure you get all the individual attention and support you need, there are only 6 places available on this programme.

You can download an overview document of the programme content here:

“My expectations/image of this programme have been surpassed significantly and it has given me a different ‘positive’ perspective on the role of coaching in my organisation.  This will complement our Talent Process and sow the seeds of coaching as a means to higher performance.”

Nick Hawley

UK Director of HR and Public Affairs, Eurotunnel
“I have learnt a lot from Dianne’s experience and coaching/training style.  Personally, I feel more confident to deliver a coaching programme for my organisation.”

Suzanne James

Group Head of HR, Argent Group Europe Ltd
I signed up for the Brilliant Coach course as an NLP Master Practitioner with very little coaching experience.  The insider knowledge and experience gained from this course has improved my understanding of what brilliant coaching is about.  Dianne and Denise delivered all that was expected and I feel confident in progressing my coaching career thanks to you.

Andrew Hardman

Pilot, Thomas Cook
I came on the course to discover some new ways of working with clients that would fit naturally with my approach and style as a coach – and help clients’ greater levels of transformation.  The course not only delivered on this but also gave me the confidence to put the new processes and structures into practice.  Dianne and Denise explained everything clearly and gave lots of valuable feedback on my own coaching and personal progress over the 3 days.

Jane Heaton

Business Mentor and Coach
Really different and refreshing course where there was a lot of time to really think and discuss ideas.  Thank you!

Louise Haynes

Training and People Development Manager, Mitsubishi Electric
Enjoyed the free-flowing style the course offered and the practical demonstrations we did

Steve Brougham

Regional Branch Manager, Mitsubishi Electric
Very refreshing to have a more direct feedback style and clear structured processes

Dermott Rush

MD, The Performance Partnership
I’m excited about implementing the coaching in non-obvious places!

Jonathan Matthews

Head of Institutional Client Services, London & Capital

The venue

Environments are important, so we’re offering this programme at the beautiful Arden Hotel in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon.  The Arden Hotel is an elegant and sophisticated boutique hotel in the birthplace of William Shakespeare where our workshop space looks out to the Royal Shakespeare Theatres and the river Avon beyond.

Dates for your diary

7-9 July with a review day in October

The review day is agreed on the third day of training to ensure that everyone has time to practice what they have learned before the final day.


The cost of this programme is £1495 + VAT per person.  Fees include lunch and tea/coffee all day.  Overnight accommodation is not included.

How to book

Click the relevant button below to reserve your place and pay in full online now. Payment will be taken via Eventbrite.

Or contact my PA, Sharon Smith to book your place. You can pay by credit/debit card or request an invoice. If your organisation uses Purchase Orders, please quote the PO number when you book.

Sharon can be reached by email:
Or by phone: 01480 861569

Any questions?

If you would like to book a call with me to find out more, simply call Sharon on 01480 861569 and she will get you straight in the diary.