Brilliant Presentations

What are the 5 keys to creating and delivering a memorable presentation

…that gets results?

A brilliant presentation can be memorable simply because of its rarity. Too often presentations are badly designed, prepared in a hurry and delivered without enthusiasm. We’ve all seen presentations done badly, now it’s time for you to start giving brilliant presentations.

Whether you are an experienced presenter, a reluctant occasional speaker or a nervous novice, you will find ideas and techniques to inspire you in this 2-day workshop with optional Day 3 Masterclass.

The event is lead by Dianne Lowther, principle of Brilliant Minds, former competitive public speaker and business trainer with over 20 years experience. Dianne has designed this workshop to provide an opportunity for you to perfect your presentation technique and style. It’s all about finding out what works for you and what works for your audience.

In 2 days you will:

  • Review the 5 keys to creating and delivering a memorable presentation that gets results. If you’ve got a specific presentation to work on, you’ll leave the workshop with it all prepared.
  • Practise different ways to deliver your presentation and find out which style suits you the best.  You’ll get personal feedback to help you understand the impression you make.
  • A simple 7-step process to structure your information and create a presentation that is easy for your audience to follow without being boring or predictable.
  • Conquer any nervousness you may have about presenting.  Even if you’re an experienced presenter, this technique may still be useful to you – one professional speaker used it to be able to relax the day before his engagements and it surprised him how anxious he had been.
  • Discover the number one mistake most presenters make that kills their presentation before it can get interesting – and 4 different ways to avoid it.
  • Find out the 5 main reasons why people ask questions of a presenter and how to handle each type so that your retain control of the presentation.

On the third day we will switch to a Master Class format

You will have the opportunity to make your presentation and receive coaching and feedback to hone your content and delivery into a truly brilliant presentation.