Your Mind in Lockdown

How to use your brain to get back to working at your best
- regardless of the turmoil around you

I want you to know...'re not losing your touch're not going crazy

...and you're not the only one

This downward dip is simply a function of living with uncertainty for so long.  It’s your brain’s natural response to being out of your comfort zone and unable to take control in the way you normally do.

You see…

I hate seeing people I care about struggling, and so that I can help my clients deal with their current situation, I’ve been using my knowledge of Psychology, NLP and Neuroscience to understand the neurological effects of lockdown.

I’ve looked at those neurological effects and come up with practical tools and insights to get you back on track.  To switch your brain back into normal functioning and restore your sense of yourself as a success.

This guide includes:

  • What prolonged uncertainty does to your brain – even if you normally enjoy change – and three practical things you can do daily to counter the problem
  • Why virtual meetings are more tiring and stressful than ‘in person’ meetings and how to protect your energy reserves when everyone else is suffering from ‘zoom fatigue’.
  • Why you feel restless and eager to visit public places, even when there is no real reason to go anywhere and your relationships at home are strong
  • How conspiracy theories take hold and how to avoid letting them unsettle you or derail your mental wellbeing – a simple practice to maintain your equilibrium
  • Two reasons why those who choose to live alone – even the introverts – are finding it harder than normal, and what to do about it
  • How to create personal space – even in lockdown – when family life gets too much
  • The choices facing business leaders when most of your people are working at home and the business needs them to be productive every day. How to get the best out of your people now.

Please use this valuable resource to get you and your team functioning as well as possible during the pandemic and consequent restrictions.

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