What makes the perfect job?

It’s hard to say on which side lies the greatest leap of faith – with the person who takes on a new role – or with the employer who offers the position.

On both sides there is a risk. For the employee, if it turns out that the role doesn’t suit their talents and interests, there is the risk of sudden unemployment or the task of more job-hunting. For the employer, if they offer the role to someone who turns out not to be a good fit, there is the prospect of another recruitment campaign and a period of time when the job is not being carried out.

Small wonder, then, that there are lots of people turning up for work every day to do a job that doesn’t really use their talents or bring them great job satisfaction. It’s hard for either side to admit to it, if a person has been appointed to the ‘wrong’ job.

But what makes the ‘right’ job?

Here are some of my thoughts, see if they fit with yours…

  1. In the right job you get to use your greatest talents.  You do the things that you are best at and can contribute the most with. You get job satisfaction.
  2. In the right job, you feel a sense of belonging to the company and pride in the particular company that you represent. You derive some meaning from being part of it.
  3. Your values align comfortably with the corporate values, so that you are able to work in ways that seem ‘right’ to you.
  4. In the perfect job, as well as all of the above, there is scope for you to grow and develop at the right pace for you, so that the role stays interesting and your experience never becomes outdated or stale.
  5. In the perfect job, you work alongside people who complement your skills and whose skills you complement. Nobody is perfect, but collectively you can do a perfect job.

Do you agree?

And do you choose the role or the employee with any of this in mind? Or is it all about past experience and technical knowledge? Is it all about salary and benefits? 

What would it be like in your organisation if everyone had a role that brought out the best they can contribute and every task was carried out by someone who enjoyed doing it? Wouldn’t that be an interesting place to work!

What do you think

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