[Video] Towards and Away From Motivation

There’s been a lot written over the years about what motivates people and… that’s not my subject! My subject is HOW do people get motivated? Because actually, there are only 2 ways that a person can motivate themselves to do a specific task or activity.

  1. Nicely explained Dianne. It made me think about education and the motivation of students again. It may be that the “away from” motivation predominates in schools, the “If you don’t pass/do well/work hard” etc mantra. Even phrases like “You need to get a pass in subject/s” or “Without GCSE/A Level ‘subject’ you will not be able to..” echo the away from language. In education I think we need to encourage students to establish their own rewards if they are going to move into a “towards” mindset. I also think education has a number of other challenges regarding motivation. I have written about some of the motivation challenges from a student perspective.

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