[Video] Making sense of lockdown with the SCARF model

I had the pleasure of speaking at an online event organised by Thabiso Mailula of the Subconscious Frequency Academy recently and thought you might be interested in hearing what I had to say about how the SCARF model can help you make sense of lockdown. If you haven’t come across it before, the SCARF model is a piece of neuroscience that focusses on the social concerns that drive people’s behaviour.

Your Personal SCARF Inventory

Having watched this video you will no doubt have some ideas about how this model can shed light on the behaviour of people around you and help you lead your team more effectively.To aid you in formulating your thoughts, I’ve created a downloadable grid, which you can use in a variety of ways.

For instant access to your personal SCARF inventory, click here and enter your details on the next page…

  1. Actually, this was exactly what I needed at this time to make sense of what is happening to my productivity……and how to get back on track. Very helpful….I always learn something from your sessions and enjoy them immensely.

  2. I really like this model and found your application to our current situation really interesting. I will be spending some time contemplating this tomorrow in my office in London (currently not working at home)l

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