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'The Unstoppable Leadership Team'

Is your Leadership Team unstoppable?

There was a time when I had a great year, working with some wonderful clients doing exactly the kind of work I like best…

And yet…

When I reached the year end I felt vaguely dissatisfied.  It wasn’t that the projects hadn’t been successful.  On the contrary, we’d seen some brilliant results from quite small interventions.  I had some very happy clients who had seen real business change for a modest investment.  It definitely wasn’t a lack of success that was niggling me.

In fact…

When I eventually figured it out, I realised that it was the results-on-a shoestring frame of mind that was the problem.  There was one particular company, where we’d done a two-day workshop with half of the leadership team and each one had had three coaching sessions afterwards, finishing up with another day together to review and plan.

They had achieved some amazing results.  The boss was thrilled.

But I kept thinking…

“If this leadership team can make that kind of difference with such a small amount of input, imagine what they could achieve if I could take them through a complete development programme…

…they would be UNSTOPPABLE!”

This is the complete development programme for your leadership team

It takes a minimum of 15 months and can be spaced out over a longer period – up to 24 months – depending on your business.

It’s for the whole team.

The programme develops your leaders into a strong team of purposeful individuals who know each other well, trust each other completely and can drive exceptional business results together.


It’s for you and your leadership team if:

  • You need to keep a leadership team together for the long haul
  • You have a young team that need to grow and develop together.
  • You have a big challenge ahead and you want to make sure that your leaders are taking time out regularly to hone their skills, review their activities and plan the strategy together.
  • You want to find out exactly what is possible when you give your leaders everything they need to succeed.

If this appeals to you…

I invite you to book a call a with me, so I can talk you through the programme and you can tell me more about your team and your reasons for wanting to bring out the best in all your leaders.

Contact my PA, Sharon Smith to arrange a confidential one to one conversation with me.  This meeting is complimentary and there is no obligation implied.

Sharon can be reached by email:
Or by phone: 01480 861569

In my field I see a lot of trainers/consultants/coaches and most of them are ok and do an ok job. Dianne Lowther however is rare – she focuses on you and your results and ensuring that you are left performing to the right level – that is the level you set yourself. She partners with you, helps you along the way, challenges you to think and act differently and ensures that you transition new ways of working into your normal everyday being. She has a sound business understanding and a very calm professional manner. I can highly recommend the work that she does.

Karen Bailey

Chartered FCIPD
I can safely say without blinking my eyes, that Dianne lives and breathes NLP. With her 15 years of solving complex problems with professionals and organisations, her skills are robust, result-tested and very often – refreshingly innovative for most organisations. If you are committed to achieving measurable results and doing the critically important (not just urgent), Dianne is the human resource generator that you want to include in your organisation’s learning development.

Barney Wee

Founder of Mind Transformations, Singapore
I and my team were working on how to transform our skill set and leadership abilities with the aim of helping our wider organisation of approximately 1000 people develop and improve. After watching Dianne present at an industry event, it was clear that I had found the partner that we needed. Dianne and her team bring a highly unusual combination of people skills and awareness, an astute knowledge of how people and organisations actually work and an understanding of how technical communities are actually very different from most sales teams, even in technology organisations. We worked together both as a team and with individual coaching sessions and I am seeing real benefits in the thinking, attitudes and deliverable of the leaders who have been through the process so far. We will continue to engage in the future.

David Chalmers

Chief Technologist, VP EMEA, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Dianne provided such a positive environment for the group and presented the course in an easy to learn way it was very stimulating. Life changing!

Richard Docketty

People Manager, RBS
I used Dianne’s services for a senior management programme. She has very good insight into her clients’ needs and is able to deliver worthwhile and productive development sessions.

Jo James

Senior HR Manager, AJ Bell