The Best Job Possible

There’s hardly a week goes by without someone asking me.

I don’t mind being asked, I enjoy sharing the answer.

It fascinates me, just how surprised people are when I tell them the truth.

About what?

Well, the question I’m forever being asked is this: “How do you make your videos for your blog?”

People ask me about the camera, the ‘green screen’, the hosting, file formats, editing and a whole host of other technical detail.

Why ask me?

I guess it’s because my videos are such great quality. They’re clear, sharp, well edited and they WORK.

I can say that without any big-headedness because the truth is – I don’t make ‘my’ videos. I go into the Studio at Noisegate Media, I sit in front of the camera and I talk.

The professionals do the rest. (Thank you Ben and Matt, take a bow)

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s the way it should be. I’m a Trainer of NLP, not a film-maker. I know how to talk to an audience, but I don’t know how to light a film-studio or set recording levels or edit video. Yes, I could learn, if I wanted to. But it wouldn’t be of any benefit to my clients or my business.

So my advice to the small-business website owners who contact me to ask how to make excellent quality videos is this: Find a professional. Do what you’re best at and let someone else do the things you’re not so good at.

Actually, that’s a pretty good rule of thumb for all of us, isn’t it?

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