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Exclusive Interviews Only Available From Brilliant Minds

  • NLP Telesummit SpeakersRobert Dilts

  • Shelle Rose Charvet

  • Michael Carroll

  • John Overdurf

  • Christina Hall

  • Jeremy Lazarus

  • Sue Knight

  • Gene Early

  • Barney Wee

  • Karen Moxom

  • Gemma Bailey

  • Lisa Wake

  • Don Palmer

  • Mike Priestley

  • Peter Jefford

  • David Thompson

Dear NLP enthusiast,

On this page you will find two exclusive series of interviews with some of the big names in NLP. These recordings are not available anywhere else.

The first series of interviews took place in 2010 when Dianne Lowther invited 10 of the world’s most experienced NLP trainers to review the relevance of NLP today and to share their latest thinking with you. The theme of these interviews was ‘NLP Now’.

Dianne recorded the second series in 2011 when she invited 11 of the leading contributors to NLP from around the world to speak on the theme of 'NLP in Action'. This panel of experts talked about how they use NLP for success in their particular field and they shared specific techniques and practices that you can use to get results in your own life and work.

We all know that the people who are most successful in life and in business never stop learning

In the current economic climate, though, lots of people have struggled to find time and money for training and development, so this opportunity carries no travel expenses, no hotel fees and no days away from your workplace. It's like inviting some of the top NLP experts from around the world into your home or workplace and getting them to tell you how and where they use NLP and all about their latest projects and developments.


All of these audios are now available for you to download

That's OVER 21 hours of information-packed interviews PLUS several hundred pages of transcriptions that you can listen to and review over and over again.

You can choose whether you want to download the entire series of interviews. Or, if you prefer, you can get hold of any one interview (complete with transcript) as a single download.

So if there are particular interviews that resonate with you and contain information you want to refer back to again and again, you can pick and choose which ones you want to keep, without having to purchase all the others in the series.


With every order we are giving away a Special Bonus!

Dianne LowtherThis is Dianne's 'NLP in Action' review, including both audio and a summary pdf entirely FOR FREE!

With 20 years' experience in the world of NLP, Dianne has been teaching NLP to business leaders for over 15 years. She heads up Brilliant Minds and is the driving force behind these NLP telesummits. Listen to this bonus audio and you'll hear Dianne:

  • Review the 11 'NLP in Action' interviews and their key messages
  • Summarise the high level themes of the interview series
  • Share some of her favourite moments
  • Tell you how you can carry on exploring how to use your NLP in new ways and new contexts

The quality of the ideas and examples that these experts share with you in their interviews is so great that you'll want to listen to them over and over again. These people have given their time to bring this information to you and the more you listen to them, the more benefits you'll get.

Let me say that again: the more you listen to these NLP experts the more benefits you'll get.


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Packaged interview sets    
Complete set of all interviews: 'NLP Now' + 'NLP in Action' £294 add to cart
Full set of 'NLP Now' interviews £197 add to cart
Full set of 'NLP in Action' interviews £197 add to cart
Individual interviews    
'NLP Now'    
Shelle Rose Charvet £17 add to cart
Michael Carroll £17 add to cart
John Overdurf £17 add to cart
Christina Hall £17 add to cart
Jeremy Lazarus £17 add to cart
Sue Knight £17 add to cart
Gene Early £17 add to cart
Barney Wee £17 add to cart
Karen Moxom £17 add to cart
Robert Dilts £17 add to cart
'NLP in Action'    
Shelle Rose Charvet - NLP and Customer Service £17 add to cart
Gemma Bailey - NLP for Kids £17 add to cart
Sue Knight - NLP at Work £17 add to cart
Jeremy Lazarus - NLP and Sport £17 add to cart
Lisa Wake - NLP and Psychotherapy £17 add to cart
John Overdurf - NLP and Hypnosis £17 add to cart
Don Palmer - NLP and Motor Racing £17 add to cart
Mike Priestley - NLP and Sales £17 add to cart
Peter Jefford - NLP for Stress Management £17 add to cart
Gene Early - NLP and Team Working £17 add to cart
David Thompson - NLP and Shakespeare £17 add to cart


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