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From the Desk of Dianne Lowther

Dear Business Leader,

Is everything on track with this year's plans and goals? Or have you been too busy dealing with things you DIDN’T plan for? Have you been caught up in a relentless routine of attending meetings, solving other people’s problems, writing reports. And not making enough progress on the BIG projects?

Do you ever have a sense that you could achieve so much more if you could just get out of this endless pattern of busy-ness? Then I have an important message for you.

Over the past 18 months I've had to get really smart about what I spend my time doing. If I hadn't been willing to take a long hard look at myself and my business, I might not have survived the recession. (I might have had to get a ‘real’ job!)

Recently, I realised, that one of the most vital aspects of achieving my goals was simply taking the time to plan properly and work out my strategy before I started.

Now, I know that you know how important it is to plan the WORK before your do it. (And I won’t challenge you just now about how well you actually DO that planning.) The planning that I think really makes the difference is getting your thought process in order, aligning your thinking with your goals and planning your motivational strategy to get the work done.

Actually, it’s about applying NLP thinking to the planning process and solving the problems BEFORE they arise.

If you’re willing to put in 60 minutes of your time, I’ll give you 60 minutes of my time. Because I really do want to make your life easier. I want to show you how to apply some simple techniques to your planning process so that you can achieve your plans and goals – easily!

This is what you get in your 60-minute Strategy Session:

  • We’ll focus on the results most relevant to you – it could be a BIG goal or it might be something small but significant. It might simply be looking at how you’re going to achieve your objectives for this year.
  • We’ll uncover any hidden obstacles to your success and find a way around them.
  • We’ll talk about how and when you want to achieve your results and discuss the other considerations like personal commitments, office politics and your development agenda.
  • I’ll show you how to focus your energy on achieving your results, but WITHOUT COMPROMISING anything else.
  • You’ll finish the call with a clear way forward, a simple view of what needs to be done and the confidence to go and do it.


Best Wishes

Dianne Lowther, NLP Master Trainer and Founder of Brilliant Minds

PS I’m sharing this with you because I really want you to get the benefit of NLP thinking in your work and life. I know that this can be the start of something important for you.

PPS My goal is to talk with 40 "ready for BIG results" individuals. I’m choosing to conduct private sessions because I know it will offer the biggest impact to you. Will you be one of the people that gets re-energised this month? Sign up now!

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