Scenes from the MAC/PC debate

I’ve already written a few times about the metaprogramme of Options and Procedures.  If you were asked which computing style – MAC or PC was more ‘options’ oriented and which more ‘procedures’ oriented I think you would come to an opinion quite quickly.

I also think that most people would choose MAC as the more options oriented style and PC as more procedural.

So now, let’s turn to the experience of buying MAC and PC:

The Apple store

You go to buy a MAC.  Or it could be a MacBook, an iPAD, an iPhone, anything that Apple produce.  You enter the store and you’re greeted by a member of staff.  Sometimes several members of staff converge on you at once – there are so many of them! (If you’re my age, you do your best not to be put off by the fact that the staff seem to have an average age of about 14).  Said member of staff quickly discovers what you want to buy and gets you lined up to talk to someone about your requirements.  They have an efficient system for pin-pointing the right product for you, taking your payment and delivering your goods.

You leave the store with your new purchase and a vague feeling of having been ‘processed’.

The PC store

You go to buy a PC.  (Or a laptop or tablet).  You enter the store and wander around looking for the kind of PC that interests you.  There are no staff to be seen.  Eventually you form an opinion of what you want to buy.  You look around for a member of staff.  There’s one on the Apple department who quickly makes it plain that he can’t help.  (He may suggest you buy a MAC instead) After some serious searching you eventually find a member of staff who is able to find a second member of staff who knows who can help you.  You may or may not find exactly what you want.  They may or may not have it in stock.  You may or may not buy it today.

You leave the store with or without your new PC and vague feeling of dissatisfaction.

NOW – tell me, which is more procedural?

What do you think

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