Online learning programmes, recordings of presentations and interviews plus guided visualisations.


Articles, recommended books and a home study pack.


Interactive '10 Question Problem Solver' and the monthly online membership programme 'Use Your NLP'.

Audio & Video Programmes

Take a look at this section for all the Brilliant Minds online home study packages. There's 'Use Your NLP' -  the unique online monthly learning programme that refreshes and develops your NLP mastery one technique at a time. And then there's 'Your Brilliant Mind - The Psychology of Perception' which comes in 8 easy-to-digest modules you can work through in 15 minutes each. You'll also find live recordings made at courses and conferences and a set of guided visualisations.


Recommended Reading

Here you’ll find details of my ‘Leadership Through Everyday Conversation’ home study pack, and my own published book: 'Introducing NLP For Work - A Practical Guide'. There are also plenty of books that I recommend on the topic of NLP and other related subjects.

What Is NLP?

When you ask practitioners what NLP really is, it can often be hard to get a quick and straight answer, so here’s my straightforward, five and a half minute explanation.

10 Question Problem Solver

Try out my quick and easy process to work through whatever it is that is a problem for you right now. I ask you 10 questions. All you have to do is make sure you have an answer to each one.


Take a look around this large library of articles that you can access free of charge.


This is where you can have a browse through my blog articles.