Recommended Reading

  • The the NLP Leadership Summit January 2018 - The Evolution of NLP. 80 NLP elders from around the world come together to discuss and work through the things that matter to them - and to the NLP communities they come from.

  • From The NLP Leadership Summit January 2016 - Reflections and Future Developments of NLP. Twenty-nine NLP elders from across the world coming together to talk. To talk about NLP and its future… To talk about their hopes and visions as to what NLP can become... To talk about what happens next.

  • Introducing NLP for Work

    Dianne Lowther
    Because NLP is a big subject and at first glance it’s not obvious what’s going to be relevant at work and what’s best left in the therapists consulting room, some people miss out on valuable applications of NLP in the workplace. This compact book encapsulates all the essential principles of NLP that can be easily applied at work without drawing attention to yourself for anything other than great results. It’s full of real life examples, practical tips, and techniques to try out for yourself.

  • Sue Knight
    If you are particularly interested in applying NLP in the business environment, then you will probably enjoy this book. It includes lots of anecdotes and examples of everyday business occurrences that will help you relate the subject to your own working life.    

  • Michael D. McMaster
    This is a thoroughly practical guide to applying NLP in a management context. It addresses the all-important issues of communication related to managing people, including planning, coaching and evaluation.

  • Shelle Rose Charvet
    A classic for anyone who wants to master the art of adapting their communication style to suit the processing style of others. This book is a companion to the LAB profile and a good guide to the whole idea of metaprogrammes and how to use them. It is written in an informal and accessible style and does not presuppose any knowledge of NLP.

  • L. Michael Hall
    In this book Micheal Hall revisits the Meta Model and shows how it can be updated in the light of more recent research. He also shows how to apply and use the Meta Model in everyday conversations. The style is quite formal and technical in places. It’s a book that requires full attention but delivers corresponding value!

  • Robert Dilts
    This is a great book if you want to know more about the NLP modelling process and its applications. It defines the key communication and relational skills employed by effective leaders to achieve practical results in their working reality, in order to "create a world to which people want to belong".  

  • Me, Myself, My Team

    Angus McLeod
    This book pulls together lots of aspects of NLP into a comprehensive guide to becoming an effective leader and coach.  It’s relevant to anyone who works with a team and can be applied whether or not you are the team leader.

  • Business NLP for Dummies

    Lynne Cooper
    It has all the features that make the ‘for dummies’ books popular – clear chunking, examples, exercises and high visual appeal – and it’s an intelligent  guide to using NLP in business.