Leadership through Everyday Conversation


Leadershop through Everyday ConversationThe self-study material is principally a workbook of exercises to achieve unconscious skill in the NLP language patterns. Each area of skill is introduced, explained and examples given. There are then exercises for each section that take the reader through a process of:

a. language pattern recognition
b. making distinctions within the pattern (where appropriate)
c. generating the pattern
d. combining the pattern with other patterns

Each exercise has enough examples that through repetition the reader acquires a level of unconscious competence with each skill. It's similar to the way some of us learned foreign languages at school.

Section 1 - First Principles £25.00
Section 2 - Framing & Re-framing £10.00
Section 3 - Representational Systems £10.00
Section 4 - Presuppositions £15.00
Section 5 - Hierarchy of Ideas £15.00
Section 6 - Meta Model £25.00
Section 7 - Metaphor £15.00
Section 8 - Milton Model £20.00
Complete package £120.00

If you would prefer to be invoiced for your self-study material, just email (using the 'contact us' form on this site) with the details of the sections/package you would like. You will be sent an invoice and your self-study material will be sent to you as soon as we receive payment