Turning Stress Into Success

As a Business Leader, there are several reasons why it's important to have an understanding of stress in the workplace.  First of all, you're probably often under pressure yourself and knowing exactly how to manage your own stress response is key to sustaining high levels of performance. 

Secondly, it's important for you to be able to notice the signs of stress in others.  Certainly, some stress is good.  Most people perform better with the heat turned up a little bit.  But how much pressure is too much?  Would anyone ever actually TELL you that they were stressed? Do you know where the threshold lies for each of your key people?  Is someone expecting too much of themself or their team and can't see the stress it's causing?  Does everyone get adequate recovery time after a high-stress event or project?

If you can't manage your own stress, how can you manage everyone else's?

Thousands of working days are lost every year because of stress-related illnesses.  Stress is the invisible thief of productivity, motivation and staff engagement.  And because most business leaders don't want to know if their workforce is suffering from stress, most businesses pass up the opportunity to learn how to manage the stress cycle and maintain optimum performance.

Spend 2 days with Peter Jefford on find out how to Turn Stress into Success in your organisation now.

What will you learn?

  • The 8-step model of how people naturally recover from stress - or at least, they would in an ideal world!
  • The steps in the model where you personally tend to get stuck - and all the other places where your key people might be struggling in silence.
  • Strategies for moving through the 8 stages smoothly and quickly - it might surprise you how easy this is,once you know how to do it.
  • How to break out of the stress trap so that you can build motivation and raise productivity
  • Techniques for managing your workload to prevent stress - prevention is much easier than cure and is much less expensive!
  • How to spot the tell-tale signs of stress in others and what to do about it .


Reasons to take this training

  • If you don't know how much stress is affecting your business performance
  • If you're concerned about staff losing working days that they say are down to stress
  • If stress has adversely affected your own performance
  • If stress has drained your motivation
  • If you are currently experiencing some stress and want to move through it quickly
  • If you often feel you are under too much stress
  • To spot the signs of stress in others and to be able to prevent it becoming a problem
  • To develop your own strategy for recovering from stress


How will you benefit?

The programme is designed to help you work through any current stresses that are hampering your effectiveness and equip you with strategies and techniques to prevent the same thing happening again. You will explore the 8-stage model of recovery from stress, identify the stages at which you most often become stuck and develop a strategy for moving smoothly through all 8 stages.  Once you are familiar with the cycle of stress you can explore the causes of stress that are specific to you and formulate a plan to break the pattern. 

Looking around your organisation, you will be able to identify the stress 'hot-spots' and work out who is most vulnerable to stress.  Applying the same method as we use to break out of your own stress trap, you will be able to prevent stress from stealing productive time from your team.

You will return to work refreshed and ready for action, confident in the knowledge that your ability to deal with future workplace stress is greatly increased.