The Psychology of Brilliant Business

This one-day workshop is for Business Leaders, HR Professionals, Consultants and Executive Coaches.  It introduces you to Brilliant Minds and to ‘the Missing Think’ – our unique methodologies for increasing business success by focusing on psychological strategy.


The Psychology of Brilliant Business

"Hope is Not a Strategy"



            If you ever find yourself crossing your fingers and hoping that your latest project will succeed.  Or you hear yourself consigning your results to 'the lap of the Gods', this is for you:


Everything has a structure...

            As a Master Trainer of NLP, Psychology graduate and successful business leader, I’ve learned that everything has a structure.  A good business plan has a structure.  An effective meeting has a structure.  A successful sales conversation has a structure.  Your thoughts have a structure.  Your regular negotiation with your customer has a structure.  And so on.


            Leaders of organisations are often pretty successful.  They have comprehensive skills in planning, managing, encouraging and promoting and usually generate the right kind of results.  However, many leaders fall short of achieving their most ambitious goals because they don’t get everything they need from the other people involved. 


It’s not their fault...

            They do their best, working hard at getting people on side and pumping out positive messages.  It’s just that without any clear method for engaging each individual in the right way, it can seem like a waste of time.  And it can feel as though it’s random chance as to whether or not people get on board.

            Sometimes it’s a team that lack drive. 

                       Sometimes it’s a supply chain that won’t play ball with you. 

                                   Sometimes it’s a change programme that seems to bring everything to a halt for weeks on end. 

                   Sometimes it’s your own full-steam-ahead gallop that’s leaving everybody standing…


It doesn’t have to be that way...

          There’s a piece we can add to your business planning.


I call it ‘the Missing Think’. 


          It’s the psychological strategy that works with the mindset and behaviour of the people who are affected by your plans, the people who carry out your plans and the people who benefit.  By identifying the structure of their thought processes, their communications and their behaviour, we can develop a specific plan to influence and engage each person to secure the success of your plans.


         This one-day workshop shows you how we do that.  It introduces NLP, the LAB Profile and some fundamental principles of creating a psychological strategy.


Here’s what’s included:

  • A comprehensive guide to the factors influencing the perceptions and behaviour of your people every day.  Once you have this, you can see where to intervene to get the results you want.
  • The specific connection between the words in your message and the behaviour of your people.  There are a few key phrases to avoid if you want to keep everyone engaged.
  • The reason why your company values might not be coming to life in the way you intended and what to do about it.
  • The one thing that will unlock a change programme that’s stuck.  It’s easy to implement and will provide exactly the insight you need to get the programme moving again.
  • The LAB Profile and how it enables us to develop specific messages in diverse areas such as shifting organisational culture, in recruitment advertising and interviewing or in PR and Marketing.


              In just one day, you can discover a whole new world of business strategy and take away the key to turning your Vision in to their Reality.

I look forward to seeing you there!









The Dates for your Diary

6 April 2017

11 July 2017

18 October 2017



£250 + VAT per person.



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