Peter Jefford

The process of personal change and growth has always been a fascination for Peter and has nourished his lifetime quest for learning. The desire to ‘seek and to find’ has been a major driving force in his life and has motivated him through both good times and tougher times. He began his professional career in technology research and development after gaining a Doctorate in engineering. As his career developed he became particularly curious about the relationship and apparent dichotomies between technical and management skills and the associated problems which can arise within organisations.

Two particularly positive and significant life changing events for Peter were first becoming a parent and then discovering the many facets of NLP. Both inspired new journeys of challenge and discovery which at times have been tough but also prove to be extremely fulfilling.

Overcoming the challenges and discovering what is possible beyond existing boundaries, and ‘the illusion of certainty’, inspired Peter to make a major change in lifestyle in 1999 after a building a successful management career within a global ‘high technology’ corporation. This change in itself created new challenges and great uncertainty but resulted in an exciting journey of self-discovery and even included the self-build of a new family home. He established a successful management and telecommunications consulting business operating in various countries around the world before specialising in management development, coaching and training.

Peter trained over a period of three years as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Master Business Coach and now enjoys working with people in organisations, using his intuitive style and perceptive approach to coaching, training and facilitation. He became interested in the effects of personal stress within public and private sector organisations and as a result he developed a unique series of workshops on the management of stress and working effectively under pressure, demonstrating how the harmful effects of stress can be turned into much more positive results.

Peter repeated his NLP Master Practitioner training with Dianne and Neil, gaining a whole new perspective on how to use the understanding of language, modelling and other techniques of NLP when working with individuals and groups. This relationship led to the co-training of stress management workshops with Dianne and has resulted in an ongoing and exciting collaboration with Brilliant Minds!

Early in 2012 Peter successfully completed NLP Trainers' Training and became a Certified Trainer of NLP, adding valuable capacity to the Brilliant Minds team in delivering certified NLP training.