NLP for Work - LIVE

“Are You Lurching From One Problem to the Next on a Never-Ending To-Do List?


Spending Your Day in Back-to-Back Meetings?

Inundated With Email But Feeling You’re Not Communicating With Anyone?  

Working Hard But Never Really Getting to the Bottom of the Pile?

 ‘Dealing With Difficult People’ All Day Long?”


And yet…


"Deep down, you have a sense that someone as smart as you shouldn’t have to work as hard as you do"


If this is you…


Can I share a secret with you?  Because I know you understand and appreciate I’m sharing this because I believe it’s in your interests.

Before I started my own business, I had a job as a corporate Manager.  It was my first UK-wide role and I was keen to make a difference.  I worked really hard at understanding what was happening in the organisation and taking responsibility to use all of my expertise, working diligently and with enthusiasm to solve problems I discovered.  I had a clear vision of my contribution to the success of the business.

I thought my boss would be impressed.

      I thought people I trained would be excited.

I thought the Board would appreciate my efforts.


But I was wrong!

So I worked harder.  Still nobody seemed to care about what I was achieving.  So I worked harder...

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me help you avoid what came next:

I had a breakdown.  Not a big dramatic, screaming, hysterical kind of breakdown.  I just quietly and gradually ground to a halt.  I couldn’t work for six weeks.


And after the breakdown...

...came the breakthrough.


The discovery...

I discovered something very reassuring about myself.  I’m almost certain it’s true for you too.

“When I change the way I think about things, I get different results.”

Yes - nine-tenths of my difficulties had their roots in the way I was thinking.  Thinking in a different way about familiar things loosens the stranglehold of problems that won’t go away.  Thinking about things differently opens up new possibilities.


You and I know...

How easy it is to SAY something like this, compared to actually DOING it.  It’s very easy to say, “Change the way you’re thinking about this”, but very few people have any clear methods to do it.  It’s not as if ‘changing the way you think’ was taught to us in school!  You might be aware that you’ve fallen into a habit of thinking in a slightly negative, defeatist or cynical vein.  You might genuinely want to break out of that habit but whatever effort you make to think something else, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself being negative, defeatist or cynical about it!

And who has enough time to consider their own thought process, figure out a better way and also experiment with ways of making the switch?  It’s not easy to work all this out for yourself, so it’s likely to slide to the bottom of that expanding ‘to do’ list.

How DO you change the way you think?

Well – I’d like to be your guide as you discover exactly how you get control of what’s going on inside your head and use it to take charge of what’s going on in your life.  So you achieve more effortlessly.


Years ago...

When I worked myself into the ground for no thanks or recognition, I embarked on a long journey of learning.  When I delved into NLP, I found some intriguing truths. 


Beyond the hype and the evangelism lay a reliable, replicable, structured approach to managing my mindset, overcoming the obstacles and getting some serious results in my job, my career, in fact, in all aspects of my life.


Now, as a Master Trainer of NLP…

It’s my greatest pleasure to share these practical, useful and intelligent techniques with other like-minded people.  People, like you, who are committed to doing worthwhile work that makes a difference and want to be rightfully recognised and rewarded for a valuable contribution.

With  more than 20 years’ experience of using NLP skills at senior level in business – one of my first projects was a workshop for the Executive team of the company where I was employed – I’ve discovered exactly how NLP principles and techniques are best used at work.


NLP is a huge subject…

I have about 70 days’ worth of NLP training programmes I could deliver – without hesitation, deviation or repetition – it covers a vast area.  Many people make the mistake of writing off the whole subject just because the only one small piece of NLP they’ve heard didn’t set the world on fire!  NLP isn’t ‘all about sensory preferences’, it’s not just about ‘building rapport’ and it most certainly isn’t about manipulating people to do things they don’t want to do.

Let’s deal with that. 

Some people say…

“NLP is manipulative”

That’s like saying knives are homicidal.  If you WANT to manipulate people then yes, mastering NLP skills will probably increase your ability to do that.  If you want to build GOOD, PROFESSIONAL, WORKING RELATIONSHIPS then mastering NLP will definitely increase your ability to do that.  If you have integrity, learning NLP will not rob you of it!

But you don’t have to learn ALL of NLP to get the benefits in your working life.

I want to save you the effort of figuring out which bits are useful, which bits are relevant and how to apply to them in your everyday working life.  I’ve packaged up the key elements of NLP that are most useful in the workplace.  For anyone with above-average intelligence, there are immediate applications for every one of the tools and techniques I’ve included.


In this programme you discover…

  • The truth about where NLP came from and why it has been so controversial and so often eschewed by organisations.  You be the judge of why they don’t want you learn this.
  • The two obvious and two rarely-recognised but important areas of applications of NLP for business success.  By shifting your approach in all four you quickly put yourself ahead of the competition
  • Persuasion and influencing with integrity.  Intelligent people need to make their voices heard.  You do it with elegance, ethics and quiet authority
  • The real source of your negative thinking.  And the twelve essential thought-patterns for shifting your mindset when you find yourself stuck in another political quagmire or drowning in other people’s negativity. Usually, two or three of these quickly become your favourites and you’ll shake off any attacks on your constructive thinking.
  • The little-known framework you use to STOP people dropping their problems on you and get them taking ownership of their own solutions.  You can participate fully in meetings without picking up all the action points
  • The one question you ask to make sure that your business change actually sticks. You could be the only person in your organisation who knows this and without it, most change programmes are an irresponsible waste of time, energy and money
  • The secret of getting in the right frame of mind to deal with any task. Whether it’s the confidence to challenge the board or the focus to create a new strategy, you’ll have it at your fingertips.  No more energy-sapping battles to psych yourself up or calm yourself down.
  • The three words you must think at the start of every task. You might even say them out loud.  Understanding this principle is what puts you ahead of the game.
  • How to pick yourself up when you feel like you've had enough and finish the day on a high note.  Imagine starting your evening knowing you’ve done a good day’s work and having enough energy to enjoy your family time.
  • ...and more.  Let’s get your brainpower working to your advantage!

People say…

“Don’t work harder – work smarter”

Well, this is the REAL method to do just that – and I can’t wait to share it with you. 


You see...

NLP has so much to offer the serious, professional thinker.  It’s the perfect toolkit for business leaders who don’t like leaving things to chance. 


If you want to take charge and deliver meaningful results in all aspects, this is for you.  A no-nonsense, down-to-earth, practical approach to learning the essential NLP skills and to enhancing your professional capabilities.   These invisible skills create visible results and tangible advantages.


When you adopt these core principles and practices…

  • You take control of your workload effortlessly and deliver to deadlines without stress
  • You manage ‘difficult people’ elegantly and build robust , professional , working relationships
  • You easily raise your value at work and magically open up the career trajectory, creating lifetime opportunities

You've probably heard that most people only use a fraction of their brain's capacity.  And it's true.  Your brain is an amazing asset, if only you know how to use it fully.  If you could tap into that - currently - unused capacity, imagine what might be possible...


When you implement everything...

You realise in this programme, you have the complete toolkit to sail through every working day, solving problems, delivering results and actually enjoying working with the people around you.  You have time to think, time to plan, time to be proactive, time to lead, time to talk and yes, time to smile!

The difference you want to make will cease to be an impossible dream and start being a believable goal.  One day it will be a reality.


Here are some thoughts and reports...

From people who have already discovered the business benefits of NLP and are seeing significant return on the investment of their time and energy - thinking in different ways to achieve more easily.


And it’s not just individuals who benefit from this programme:


 At the 2009 National Training Awards, Brilliant Minds won a Welsh Training Award for Partnership and Collaboration with Schaeffler (UK) Ltd on an NLP training programme for the leadership team that enabled significant improvement in business results.

To achieve those results, I worked with the Leadership Team at Schaeffler (UK) Ltd for 8 months.  But it all started with two days focused on the same fundamental principles that are included in ‘NLP for Work - LIVE’.

The NLP for Work skillset is the key to managing your mindset and getting the measure of people around you so that you can do your work more effectively, more easily and more enjoyably.

So why...?

NLP has been well-known in the UK for many years now. So if you, as a serious professional person, haven’t participated in any NLP training yet, there’s probably something specific that’s put you off the whole subject.

Was it…

Loud music, flashing hype and seminar junkies weeping hysterically on stage ?

That's enough to make anyone think twice isn't it? Fortunately, it IS possible to learn NLP without all the hype and the crowds and the evangelical euphoria.  If you prefer something more rational and less vocal, more individual and less mass-hysteria, then I've got good news for you.

You and I know…

There’s a huge difference between the motivational ‘high’ that comes from standing in a crowd, yelling along with a speaker 50 yards away on the stage…

…and the practical learning and lasting benefits that are the REAL secret of NLP.

NLP is a thoughtful, reflective and structured skillset for quiet, reflective and intelligent people. It doesn’t need shiny packaging to make it look good. The fact is - it’s brilliant.


Being 50 yards away, on a stage, with a baying crowd, is not my style, I can assure you.  I bet it’s not your style either, is it?


This programme is for you if:

  • You want to use your brain power fully and you’re prepared to open up a new toolkit
  • You're curious about how NLP helps you in your professional and personal life.  You know it's USEFUL, you just want the DETAILS.
  • OR You know something about NLP but haven't yet experienced it in action and you WANT that first-hand knowledge, not just the theory.
  • OR You want to get more control over your states of mind.  It's EASIER than you might realise to be self-motivated, to overcome nervousness or to be more decisive.
  • OR You're tired of wondering what's going on in business meetings where nobody ever says what they really THINK or tells you what they really WANT and you're ready to take charge and create some real communication.
  • OR You want to experience some training that actually WORKS and makes a difference to what you can ACHIEVE.
  • OR You're FASCINATED by your mind and how it works.  This programme gives you insight and confidence to make the most of your innate abilities.


These are not the only reasons why people take this training.  You might have a different one, or several.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to discover the business benefits of NLP, you'll be amazed at how much you'll discover in just two days...



The cost of this programme is £795 + VAT per person.


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