Neil Harris

With a personal mission "to serve", Neil has been developing his understanding and practical use of NLP since the mid 1980's. In that time, he has trained with many of the leaders in the field.

His working experience, whilst primarily in the public sector, includes the private sector as well. This has allowed him to recognise that there are differences between them at certain levels. However, viewed in a systemic way, there are far more similarities than is often acknowledged.

He believes passionately in the need to continually remind ourselves that "modelling" is at the core of NLP methodology, not the techniques which inevitably flow from that activity. Of course, the techniques are clearly powerful and useful. After all they are the results of people unpacking such effectiveness in their role models.

Neil's style is that of helping people develop the ability to 'fish for themselves'. He believes that the ability to model is a rigorous and flexible process through which endless possibilities and options are available to those willing to learn how to do it.

One other key priority Neil brings is that of commitment. He has worked for one particular Local Authority for over 20 years, in which time he has undertaken a variety of roles, in different parts of the organisation. He is currently working as an internal, organisational development consultant, as part of a team, who are one of the three finalists in a national "training team of the year" competition, where the other finalists are both from the private sector.