Introduction to Leadership through Everyday Conversation

What will you learn?

The programme gives you the foundation skills in communication that are best learned through group interaction. It also stands alone as an opportunity to improve communication skills.

This programme includes:

  • The NLP Language and Communication model
  • Outcome thinking in conversation
  • Neurological levels
  • How to create and maintain rapport
  • The keys to influencing others
  • 6 'deadly' words
  • Building flexibility and increasing your repertoire

During the two days you will start to find out how you and other people create reality and experience through language. You will practice conversational skills in structured exercises designed to raise your awareness of the words you use and the effect they have on others. You will also learn critical non-verbal skills, without which even your most inspired choice of words will not be effective.

Reasons to take this training

  • If you want to improve your communication skills.
  • If you want to take our 'Leadership through Everyday Conversation' programme but haven't done NLP practitioner training.
  • If you want to practice the language skills included in Practitioner training and build unconscious competence.
  • If you are interested in how NLP can be used 'invisibly' in business.
  • If you want to increase your influence with the people around you.
  • If you want to find new ways to handle conflict.
  • If you want to become a more effective leader.

How will you benefit?

Managing people and relationships is probably one of the most difficult aspects of any job. The conversations you have with people around you can be a critical factor in your effectiveness. Every time you speak to someone you can add to their motivation, job satisfaction and willingness to work with you. Or you can reduce it. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is happening and even harder to understand how what you said had the effect it did. This programme is designed to show you how the words we say to each other affect the way we think and feel. It will also show you how people can be so different from each other in the ways they express themselves and interpret what is said to them. By working through the exercises you can achieve a greater level of skill in saying the 'right' thing to achieve results with the people around you:

How to book

Call the office on 02476 697 207 or fill in our booking form

Price £575 (includes VAT)
The price includes all training, manuals and other materials, tea and coffee and lunch every day. We can help you to arrange overnight accommodation if necessary.

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