How to have Brilliant Ideas

Why do we need to have brilliant ideas?

We are constantly being told that people are the most important asset of any business and that the brainpower of a workforce is the principle source of competitive advantage in many markets. We are told that creativity and imagination are essential for business growth and yet how many of us really know how to tap into our own creativity or stimulate the imaginations of the people around us? Sadly, the pressure of work in organisational life and the need for rules, procedures and routine can stifle the creative impulse and generate a culture of repetition, conformity and boredom. Most of us are at our best when we are discovering new ways to succeed and when we are experimenting with ideas and opportunities. This programme has been designed to help you develop the habit of using your imagination, build the skill of generating new ideas and create a more stimulating experience of work and life.

Module 1 - Introduction to creativity


  • To define creativity and understand how it is demonstrated
  • To identify creative role models
  • To explore the theory of multiple intelligences and its relevance to creativity
  • To introduce the creativity spectrum: adaptive to innovative
  • To examine the barriers to creativity
  • To identify the conditions for creativity and look at how to create them
  • To experience working creatively in groups and learning from each other

The first module lays the foundations by exploring the meaning of creativity, idea-generation and problem-solving skills. You will gain some clarity about what creativity means for you and the kind of creative skills you want to develop. You will also find out how to support creativity in your working environment and encourage others to have brilliant ideas.

Module 2 - Mind-mapping and problem-solving


  • To review and consolidate the learning from the previous module
  • To introduce the basic principles of mind-mapping
  • To practice using mind-mapping to capture information and ideas
  • To explore advanced principles of mind-mapping
  • To identify applications of mind-mapping
  • To look at 'mind set' and how to change it
  • To investigate the way we use our brains to solve puzzles
  • To experiment with the use of puzzles as a 'warm-up' for creativity

The second module includes an in-depth session on mind-mapping that will get you started in using mind-maps if you're completely new to them and stimulate some new ways of using them if you're already familiar with the technique. Also in this session you will explore the ways your mind works and how to vary that, challenge it and stimulate new ways of using your brain. The use of puzzles as an example of problem solving and creativity will point up some key aspects of imaginative thinking.

Module 3 - Creativity Techniques


  • To review and consolidate the learning from the previous module
  • To explore a variety of creativity techniques and their uses
  • To introduce the use of external input to stimulate creativity
  • To identify ways to introduce these techniques to the workplace

The third module is concerned with techniques of creativity. It covers brainstorming, meta-planning and the 'six thinking hats' as well as some less well-known ways to stimulate ideas and imagination. You will have an opportunity to use the techniques in relation to real-life situations and find out for yourself how useful they can be.

Module 4 - Ideas to action


  • To review and consolidate the learning from the previous module
  • To look at methods for selecting 'good' ideas from those generated
  • To apply everything you've learned on the programme to a real problem
  • To discuss ways to implement your learning for professional success

In this final module you will go beyond the mere generation of ideas and begin to explore ways of selecting the potentially brilliant ideas for further development and implementation. You will practice the whole creativity process in relation to a real-life problem and there will be opportunity to discuss your own plans in integrating creativity in your workplace.

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