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"If You Thought Your Practitioner Training Was Good, You're Going To LOVE Master Practitioner!"


The Secrets of Invisible NLP Give You an Unfair Advantage at Work


The Brilliant Minds Executive NLP Master Practitioner programme - presented by Neil Harris and me - offers you the chance to work with two experienced NLP Trainers and benefit from a unique approach to learning that accelerates your understanding and integrates the skills effortlessly.

If you're going to take a Master Practitioner programme, you want to be sure that you will gain true mastery - right?  It's important that you see a return on your investment of time and finance in terms of your own skills and in benefits to your working life.


How to choose?

Master Practitioner programmes vary widely.  There is much less agreement between NLP Trainers about what makes a Master Practitioner than there is about what makes a Practitioner of NLP. Consequently, some institutes focus on new material at the expense of some of the original Master Practitioner content. We give you both.

Neil Harris and I have developed our style of training together over many years.  This is real co-training, not just a sharing of the topics between two people.  

Neil has a particular interest and finely-honed skills in modelling.  He takes the lead in teaching these skills in the programme.  But there's more besides:

Neil models what I'm doing with the other topics as we go along.  The benefit to you is that you don't just get me teaching you what I KNOW that I know; you also get the stuff that's normally outside of conscious awareness.  The unconscious competence.

Often, that's the difference that makes the difference.


For example...

The subject of Strategies is one that lots of people find challenging.  It's sometimes glossed over a bit at Practitioner level, but if you really want to develop the skills of Modelling, an understanding of Strategies is vital.

Some years ago I realised that although I was very clear about this topic myself, when I presented it in Practitioner training, not everyone was developing the same clarity.  There was something missing!  

Neil worked with me - live - in a Master Practitioner class to model my own approach to elicitation of Strategies and we discovered the missing pieces.  We share this with every Master Practitioner group now.  Modelling is the heart of NLP and we want you to master it.  How can you be a Master Practitioner without the core skill of NLP?  

When you do the Brilliant Minds Executive NLP Master Practitioner training, you do small elements of modelling to aid the learning in every section of the programme.  You master Modelling AND all the essential Master Practitioner skills. Your Certificate really means something!

[Download our NLP Master Practitioner Certification Standards here]


What you learn

In the Executive NLP Master Practitioner programme, you learn to use NLP invisibly.  None of your colleagues at work want to think they've been 'NLP-ed' but you don't want to be held back from using your NLP because of that.  We'll show you how to use NLP in a way that no-one thinks you're doing anything out of the ordinary - certainly not 'doing NLP'!  But they WILL notice that you achieve more than they do.

Here are some of the specifics:

  • As I explained above, you learn all about modelling and how to do it - the original techniques developed by Bandler and Grinder are central to this programme.  Knowing the principles of modelling make it easier to learn ANYTHING else you choose.
  • A modelling project of your choice, directed at a specific need in your working life, to create an easily traceable ROI for the programme.
  • How language creates reality, and how you influence another person's perception of reality with subtle use of language.  When you master this you can turn any conversation in the direction YOU want to go...
  • Quantum linguistics - advanced language patterns for removing barriers to success. They are used completely conversationally and nobody will notice that you're doing anything unusual - but they WILL see the success.
  • How to 'speak out of both sides of your mouth' using metaprogrammes - the unconscious filters that underly our preferences in language and behaviour and are at the heart of most misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • The connection between metaprogrammes and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator - and how to discover Myers Briggs types in general conversation.
  • Advanced use of Submodalities - you step up to using submodalities conversationally as well as adding some new techniques to your repertoire.
  • How your beliefs drive your behaviour and what to do if you discover that what you believe is holding you back.
  • Sleight of mouth patterns - the reframing language patterns that Robert Dilts modelled from Richard Bandler, and then developed further.  Richard boasted that he never lost an argument - Robert worked out how he did it.  You do it too.
  • Get rid of that awful feeling of being torn in two between conflicting priorities when you discover your personal values and align your values with your outcomes in life.
  • The truth about corporate values and how to bring them to life in your organisation.
  • How to let go of fierce commitment to ideas that have had their day and open up your thinking to the New Reality
  • Practical uses of the untapped potential of your brain - deliberate and constructive use of that 'mind gone blank' feeling that actually holds the key to creativity and inspiration.
  • How to be a great coach - each module includes a 'Coaching Masterclass' where you get coaching on your coaching style.
  • Powerful presentation skills you use for working with groups - large and small - to get your point across in a memorable manner and to inspire people to action.


The Business Focus Matters...

As a Business Leader, your investment must bring you a return in ways that are relevant to your business life - yes?  

If you're comparing several Master Practitioner programmes, this business focus is important.  Many NLP Trainers assume that any participant in a NLP Master Practitioner programme is there because they are a coach or therapist OR because they're planning to set up a coaching//therapy practice soon.  Hence a lot of the programme will be about how to work with your own clients.  Not a lot of use if you don't have any!

The Brilliant Minds Executive NLP Master Practitioner programme assumes that you want to stay in your current occupation and become outstanding at what you do.  

With us, you get all the invisible secrets of using NLP for work.  You get an 'Executive Edge' - finely honed and subtle skills to cut through organisational politics and get the job done, to inspire the people around you to contribute their best and to focus your own skills to achieve your most important objectives.  

Yes, you also learn some powerful coaching skills, but we recognise that may be only a small part of your working life.  Our emphasis is on the NLP you can use every day.


9 Reasons to do your Master Practitioner training with Brilliant Minds

  • As a Senior Manager, Director, Technical Professional or Business Owner, you benefit from training that is focused on business success and from working in a peer group of business leaders
  • The training includes a business-based modelling project focused on results that demonstrate a clear return on your investment of time and money
  • You're part of a small group and you get personal attention, feedback and coaching from Neil and me to ensure that you fulfill your reasons for taking the training
  • You get telephone support between modules to ensure that you get the most value from using your new skills in everyday situations
  • As soon as you confirm your booking, you start to receive regular small refreshers of Practitioner-level NLP so by the time you come to the programme, you're REALLY ready to start
  • With me, you're working with an NLP Master Trainer with 20 years' experience of using NLP at senior level in business. I've won a National Training Award for my work.  And Neil has been working with NLP even longer than I have
  • You have a one-to-one call with me or with Neil before the programme begins, to establish your goals for the training and beyond
  • The modular approach means that you can try out your new skills between sessions and then compare notes with other group members and refine your approach
  • It's fully residential, so you don't have to make any other bookings, claim expenses back or manage on a budget - it's all included in the course fee


How you benefit...

The benefits of this programme can be summed up in four areas:

1.  You gain clarity and congruence.  You no longer have to fight with yourself about conflicting priorities or uncomfortable tasks.  By discovering and aligning your values you give yourself the freedom to focus on what really matters.

2.  You increase your influence and status.  The deeper level linguistics that form a large part of this programme take you to a new level of skill in understanding and connecting with others as well as honing your ability to communicate in ways that inspire others to succeed.  You lead your team without the guesswork as to what works.

3. You leave your mental blocks and doubts behind.  Just as in the Practitioner programme, you learn and practice powerful techniques for shifting attitudes and beliefs and cultivating new behavioural responses to tricky situations.  

4. You complete a modelling project related to a skill of your choice.  You pick an ability that makes a real difference to your success and discover how to you do it yourself.  Once you do the first project, you also have the ability to acquire any other skill you want.


The Dates for Your Diary:

Module 1: 25-28 September 2014

Module 2: 16-19 October 2014

Module 3: 13-16 November 2014

Module 4: 11-14 December 2014

Module 5: 22-25 January 2015

Yes, it includes weekends. On balance, we've found that this works best, because otherwise you'd need to take a whole week at a time away from work or we'd have to do more, shorter modules and spend more time on travel and re-connecting as a group.

I recommend that if it's at all possible you take the day after each module off work as well, just to give yourself a break and to digest the learning. As you know from your Practitioner training, learning NLP is intense.  And compared to Practitioner training, Master Practitioner is even more intense!


Certification Details:

We are recognised by the ANLP, so with a Brilliant Minds Master Practitioner Certificate you are eligible for Master Practitioner membership of the ANLP.

We take the certification seriously, which is why we have our own Certification Standards and assessment criteria.  Throughout the programme, we make sure that each person is getting the input, support, coaching and feedback needed to achieve the highest standards.  

When you train with Brilliant Minds you can expect to achieve real mastery.

[Download our NLP Master Practitioner Certification Standards here]


How to book

Call the office on 02476 697 207 or fill in our booking form

Price - £5,750 + VAT, fully residential.

The price includes:

  • 20 days of group training
  • Training manuals and other materials
  • 20 days' full board at the venue
  • Tea and coffee and lunch every training day
  • A personal one-to-one telephone session before the training to clarify your goals
  • Group telephone calls between modules of the programme
  • Assistance to define and complete a business-based modelling project
  • Practitioner refresher material starting from the day you book your place


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