Executive NLP Practitioner training - Module 1

NLP is a set of practical skills that give you greater control of your mindset, better understanding of other people, more influence and impact, different approaches to everyday challenges and lots of ways to reduce the stress and hassle in your life.

As with any set of practical skills, such as learning to play a new sport or mastering a musical instrument, learning NLP takes time and lots of practice.  Our Executive NLP Practitioner programme spans 20 days of group workshops.

We realise that not everyone is ready to sign up for the full programme straight away, so now you can join us for Module One with no obligation to take it any further. 

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Executive NLP Practitioner

This is the ultimate leadership development programme - packed full of practical ideas and everyday activities that make your life easier and your employees happier.  NLP is the study of excellence.  It's built on a process for understanding the structure of successful behaviour combined with a complete toolkit of techniques created by analysing success in common areas such as, communication, self-management, learning and resilience.  What makes this toolkit uniquely useful is that all the tools generate results quickly, without lots of repetition or effort.  Some people have compared NLP to 'getting a copy of the user's manual for your brain'.  Others refer to the tools as 'Jedi mind tricks'.  The truth is, they are all practical ways of improving your effectiveness and your enjoyment at work.  Of the people in corporate jobs who have taken this training with us in the past, 81% increased their value so much that they achieved a promotion within a year of taking the course.

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The Brilliant Minds Programme

Our flagship 3-month development programme creates real behavioural change and visible results. It is aimed at Leadership Teams, Technical Professionals and specialist Business Partners and uses a combination of individual and group learning methods.

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LAB Profile teleseries

The LAB (Language and Behaviour) Profile is a really powerful tool for understanding and influencing people, for recruitment and team development, for culture change programmes and a host of other applications. But it’s not as well known as some other profiling tools and I’ve decided that it’s time we shared with you some of the benefits of using the LAB Profile in an organisation like yours.

This series of FREE 30-minute downloadable audios introduces you to the LAB Profile and its many applications.

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LAB Profile Practitioner Training

“People Are Not Pigeons!”  Do you want a way to understand individuals…without putting them in ‘personality pigeonholes’? There’s no denying the popularity of personality profiling. But there are three main problems with most personality profiling tools.  Read more about them here and how the LAB Profile offers a low-cost, easy to administer and useful alternative to traditional psychometrics.


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