[Video] Most people don't leave their job, they leave their boss


According to research done quite some time ago, when people decide that they're ready to change jobs, sometimes it's genuinely because they've exhausted the possibilities in their current job and they're ready to move on and do something else. But often when somebody is very keen to leave this job and do something else, it's because they want to get away from a boss they just haven't connected with.














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Name: Narinder Sander
Date: 06-03-2013

Excellent vid Very reflective and soul searching Clearly guides you to the fact that the result is within you and not out

Name: Barbara G
Date: 06-03-2013

Hi Dianne, Many years ago I worked for a family publishing firm in the UK, and it was one of the last remaining private firms. They inadvisedly appointed a real go-getter head of sales, this guy tipped the whole ethics of the company on its head by introducing competition within the ranks of the sales force. I disagreed to this man's face and said I would not be over-selling books to our customers, even though I was a lowly minion!. risking my job. Our firm always took returns anyway, so if the books were not sold the customers were ok, but of course oversold books meant a lot of effort and expense in recollection. I was torn off a strip by this guy who said surely you want to be top of the sales force, just think when you go to your next position you will be able to state that you were top salesperson for ".....", quite a kudos in the market place. I informed this man how could he assume I would want to move from an already excellent firm and I said that I disagreed with his ethos. Well he had his way with everyone, he had incredible 2nd year figures which enabled HIM to move to a national book publishers based on his results. Yes, you have guessed it, that next year the amount of returns nearly exceeded sales, which of course he wasn't responsible for because he had left. He had put a lot of undue pressure on me and I swore that I would see him out regardless, which of course I did. The funniest thing was that at that time I was operating in my usual mode (higher self effortless) and was called to a customer and successfully sold them what I thought was just one item, the order that I took that day was for 20 times that amount. He never understood how I managed it. Even when a lovely job is being made uncomfortable by a short sighted fool, attitudes of mind and gentle strength from ones core can do so much I enjoyed your toning the last time I saw you, deep memories of something important so Thank you Barbara

Name: June B
Date: 07-03-2013

Very well said and very timely; thank you.

Name: Kate Rigby
Date: 18-03-2013

As always elegantly put. A pleasure to listen to,excellent content and oh so true! Thanks Dianne Kate


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