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I've always been interested in personality types, in fact I did part of my degree in Personality Psychology. So to start to explain what personality is all about is quite a big task. But there are some aspects of personality that are quite easy to spot, and if you can spot them they can be helpful in explaining some of the reasons why people behave and react differently from you in given circumstances. Just having an appreciation of some of those differences can really help in getting the best out of your working relationships with colleagues. One of the most obvious dimensions of personality is that of introversion and extraversion.














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Name: Julie Howell
Date: 22-08-2012

You're a great presenter, Dianne. I enjoy your videos very much. I think many people confuse introversion with shyness, which is a very different thing - would you agree? Also is it possible to be both an extravert AND and introvert or is everyone either one or the other?

Name: Martha Rosas
Date: 22-08-2012

HI! It is nice to see you!, I wonŽt miss you. I liked the content. IŽll make my guess, who is more introverted, you or me? jejeje :) hugs and kisses from Mexico Martha Rosas

Name: Francis Aderibigbe
Date: 24-08-2012

This is a fantastic presentation. I have to listen to it several times over and over again.

Name: Asia
Date: 25-08-2012

Very interesting and very clearly presented. I enjoyed it :)

Name: Sue Chinnick
Date: 27-08-2012

I loved your clear explanation and the fact that you added the 'how to relate' aspect in order to make our lives more comfortable, especially at work, thank you. As you implied, the use of language to help build that trust/deeper relationship is vital, and I'd suggest that saying to the introvert in a meeting, "So off the top of your head - what do you think the next step is?" would cause stress, and to the extrovert, "I''m not intersted in your initial thoughts, I'd like a detailed report by end of the month" might well cause frustration!

Name: Bradley G. White
Date: 28-08-2012

Hey Dianne Nice vid, thanks. Hope all is well.

Name: Christina Lattimer
Date: 03-09-2012

Excellent presentation Dianne, with some clearly explained examples I think most people can relate to.


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