[Video] Influencing Upwards


When we did a survey of subscribers to our mailng list and asked people about some of the challenges they face at work, one of the things that lots of people identified as being a challenge for them was the business of 'influencing upwards'. In other words, getting your boss, or other senior sponsors, to do what you want them to do, or think is the right thing to do.














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Name: Caron Lindley
Date: 09-01-2013

Great video - excellent suggestions, as always. Thank you

Name: Joanna
Date: 13-01-2013

So simple :) yet so powerful. Thank you Dianne for reminding

Name: Reiss
Date: 14-01-2013

Thank you Dianne for this video. I had to consult my NLP book to have a quick glance at internal and external referencing. You spoke about being a good source of information in the process of influencing upwards. I think this is where the skill of commercial awareness comes in; knowing what is happening in the industry of your organisation and knowing what competitors may be doing and market trends etc. So what I have got from your video is: in order to be able to influence upwards, have valuable information that the 'upwards' members need. Best wishes Dianne x


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