[Video] In Praise of Routine


When you hear the word routine do you feel your heart sink a bit? Lots of people hate routine. They think it's boring, dull and do whatever they can to escape it.

But today I'm going to talk to you in praise of routine...



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Name: Ian Rose
Date: 27-11-2013

This is a very helpful video. Nothing new but just great advice!

Name: Peter Crocker
Date: 04-12-2013

Also - routine is less tiring. Can you remember when you started a new job and you had to work out everything before doing it? Remember how tired you felt in the evenings. Once you had learned the new routines and more things were "automatic with awareness" the days probably went more smoothly with less obvious effort. However it is sometimes a good idea to realise that nothing is ever completely the same (you can never cross the same river twice, both you and the river have changed). Occasionally looking for the small differences in repetitive tasks can keep them fresh. Not only will they cease to be boring but you will probably carry them out better.

Name: Elizabeth M Pritchard
Date: 05-09-2018

I love routine! So agree...I even responded well when you said the word!


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