Leadership Skills

Brilliant Minds Taster Day: Values, Culture and the Psychology of Leadership

Like it or not, your success in business is heavily dependent on your ability to interact successfully with other people.  The nature of the interaction is obviously specific to your particular role and profession, but if you can’t get what you want from other people, you’re always going to struggle to get ahead.

At senior levels in business, your success depends not only on building productive relationships, but also on creating an environment where other people can succeed.  If you can cement a culture that brings out the best in your people, everything else will be easier.  Obviously, this doesn’t happen by accident and it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you have no way of describing the culture that exists or the culture you want.

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Mindset Days

Your organisation needs people to perform. Every day – not just when they feel like it, or when the boss is in a good mood, or when the customers aren’t complaining or when orders are flooding in. You need people to do a good job all the time.  What gets in the way of this isn’t capability – it’s MINDSET.

A ‘Mindset Day’ is a day dedicated to you and your Senior Team with me or one of my trained facilitators.

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How to be a Brilliant Coach

If a good coach can make a measurable impact on performance, imagine what a BRILLIANT COACH can do! We created this programme by modelling the Brilliant Coaches at Brilliant Minds. What we discovered is relevant whether you're an experienced professional coach, an enthusiastic novice coach or a manager wanting  to get the best from your people.

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Brilliant Presentations

A brilliant presentation can be memorable simply because of its rarity. Too often presentations are badly designed, prepared in a hurry and delivered without enthusiasm. We’ve all seen presentations done badly, now it’s time for you to start giving brilliant presentations.

Whether you are an experienced presenter, a reluctant occasional speaker or a nervous novice, you will find ideas and techniques to inspire you in this 2-day workshop with optional Day 3 Masterclass. 

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