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Survey Results 2015


This is the third time we have conducted our survey about personal and professional development. I started to do it because I wanted to know more about what my clients think about development and also to understand the challenges you face and how you prefer to learn.

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Personal and Professional Development - survey results


Earlier this month we invited our subscribers to complete a survey about personal and professional development. Thank you if you were one of the 269 people who generously gave us a little of their time to take part.

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NLP Trainers' Training Successes


Brilliant Minds recently hosted a NLP Trainers' Training programme in partnership with Psycademy.  As a Master Trainer of NLP, Dianne Lowther is approved by the ANLP to certify new Trainers of NLP and on 24th February the first Brilliant Minds Certified Trainers of NLP graduated from the programme.

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What are the best NLP books for business?


Back when I first started learning NLP in 1991 there were less than 100 books about NLP in print. Now, if you put 'NLP' into the Amazon search facility there are over 6000 results. I'm sure there are good books that I've missed along the way.

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Dianne Lowther to present at ROI Week


I don't know if you're familiar with the ROI Methodology. I wasn't until I was invited to present a 2-day workshop at the ROI Week on 30 August- 3 September. So last week I attended a 1-day ROI introductory programme with Elling Hamso of the European Event ROI Institute and I learned a lot.

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Brilliant Minds & Schaeffler (UK) Ltd win National Training Award


At the National Training Awards 2009 Brilliant Minds and Schaeffler (UK) Ltd were awarded a Wales Training Award for Partnership and Collaboration for the training programme delivered by Brilliant Minds between August 2007 and February 2009.

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Dianne Lowther

Dianne Lowther - NLP Master Trainer


Dianne Lowther of Brilliant Minds has completed the final stage of assessment and has been awarded the Master Trainer of NLP qualification. This is the top level of qualification in NLP and reflects ‘the highest degree of competence and skill’.

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