Guest Speaking


A single session at a team meeting or company conference can be a great way to introduce a subject like NLP or stress management.


We can deliver a thought-provoking look at Leadership or Service Excellence as part of an event that’s got multiple speakers.


We can also offer concise training sessions for evening meetings of Professional Institutes, Networking Groups or Voluntary Organisations.

Are you looking for a Guest Speaker?

Brilliant Minds trainers are all experienced in giving short presentations. We can offer a 20-minute after-dinner speech, a presentation of 1-3 hours for your professional institute or club, or something more interactive for an NLP practice group. We can also provide a keynote speech for your conference or a guest speaker spot for a team awayday. Below are some examples of topics covered by our trainers at previous engagements along with links to reviews where available.

If you would like to engage one of us as a guest speaker, please contact us with your requirements so we can discuss with you the best way to meet your needs.



NLP trainers Dianne Lowther and Neil Harris can offer a wide range of topics from NLP, whether it’s an introduction to the subject for those who have no previous knowledge of it, or an advanced workshop for experienced practitioners. Here are some of the organisations where one of us has been a guest speaker on NLP:



Dianne Lowther has worked in leadership development for around 20 years in public, private and voluntary sectors. She has a unique model of leadership behaviour and a passion for helping people in positions of responsibility develop their leadership style. Here are some of the organisations where she has been a guest speaker on Leadership:

  • NLP Conference
  • HR Directors' Business Summit
  • EDF Energy Leadership Conference


Stress Management

Peter Jefford has been working for over 7 years with a range of organisations to help them deal with problems associated with stress. He is equally at home helping senior executives to assess the strategic impact of attitudes to stress as he is helping individuals understand their own stress patterns and how to turn them to advantage.

As an introduction to this increasingly important subject, Peter has delivered a number of presentations to senior managers and executives in a range of public and private sector organisations which have changed the way that they think about stress. Instead of seeing this as someone’s ‘weakness’ or ‘excuse’, or ‘just a problem that we would like to forget about’, they are able to see it as an opportunity to create greater success…for themselves, their staff and their organisation. It’s not rocket science…but it does require a critical shift in perception. With this simple shift, businesses can make a quantum leap…and individuals can improve their quality of life…permanently!