Executive Coaching

  • Not everyone wants to attend a training programme.
  • Not everyone has development needs that are shared by others.
  • Not everyone can develop without some external input.
  • One-to-one coaching is the solution most favoured by Senior Managers.

The process is simple…

We will meet with you to establish where you want to get to, where you are now and how long it will take to close the gap. Some people like to take their coaching in half-days, some in full days, some in 2-hour sessions and others combine all three.

The first session will normally be taken up with an audit of your beliefs and values as well as some more traditional achievement history. We will then relate these to your goals and create a plan for the change work. The changes are achieved mostly through the use of NLP techniques, in which we will guide you through processes that literally programme your thinking or behaviour to achieve your goals in ways that are natural to you and are aligned with your values and beliefs.

Once the changes have been made, we will test the results in real situations and ensure that the new patterns of behaviour are integrated into your everyday routines and will occur automatically.

The real value of this kind of coaching is that once the work is done, it’s done. You do not have to remember to do something differently, you do not have to force yourself to do things that don’t come naturally, you do not have to struggle any more. In fact, many people simply forget that they ever thought it difficult to achieve their goals.

The main benefit of the coaching programme with Dianne was having the opportunity to talk through a very complex and turbulent situation internally, which has evolved considerably since the coach g commenced. These sessions have provided a sounding-board to discuss ethical/organisational/relationship issues and possible approaches to dealing with them.  Also some very effective methods for stress management.

Mansoor Hanif

Director of RAN & Programmes, EE

Total Clarity Coaching Programme

If you think that coaching is the right solution for you and you’re interested in a comprehensive coaching programme for Personal and Professional Development then the ‘Total Clarity Coaching Programme’ is probably what you’re looking for. This is a complete development programme that includes one-to-one coaching, support telephone call in between sessions and an in-depth look at all aspects of your life to create balance, harmony and more enjoyment as well as increasing tangible results in your professional life.

The overall framework is suitable for most clients but the specific details will be customised to match your individual situation and preferences.

Monthly Coaching Programme

This monthly coaching programme for personal and professional development works to align your personal values and beliefs in support of your goals and to move through any lingering issues from the past to create a life that you want to live.

The programme includes face-to-face and telephone coaching as well as email support and sessions are scheduled into a monthly routine.