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[Article] Keeping your brain active

During lockdown, I’ve been chatting to my Mum on the phone more regularly than usual. Being over 70, she’s even more restricted than me in her daily activities. We’ve discussed a lot of different topics in the last three months and there is one subject that keeps recurring: How do you keep your brain active if you can’t go out and get some exercise?

[Article] Lessons from Lockdown

As I’ve made my way through weeks of enforced isolation and a long list of ‘lockdown projects’ my mind flits between the experience and the analysis of the experience.  In NLP terms, I’m switching between 1st and 3rd positions. At times I’ve been fascinated by my own – and other people’s - reactions to the situation, and at times I’ve simply been reacting.

[Video] Secrets of successful group training

I recently read a piece of research that got me thinking about why some training programmes might not work, when others do. And to be honest, most of what I came up with is nothing to do with what the trainers are doing, and very little to do with the content of the workshop. It's actually all to do with the way it's set up...

[Article] Stop the world – I want to get off

Have you ever thought – or even said – “stop the world – I want to get off!”? I remember when I had a demanding corporate job involving lots of travel and some weekend working as well as a responsible role in a voluntary organisation, I would sometimes wake up in the morning, mentally review the day ahead and feel completely overwhelmed.

[Article] Reflections from the NLP Leadership Summit meeting

When the NLP Leadership Summit was founded by Michael Hall in 2013, the intention was simply to provide an opportunity for the leaders of NLP to ‘associate’ with each other.  And that’s what we did.  More people who met the membership criteria were invited to join the Summit and now there are over 150 members. ...