NLP Practitioner Training at West Midlands Police

The NLP Practitioner training was undertaken by a majority of supervisors from one BCU in order to enhance leadership skills. The results show an impressive improvement not only in leadership within the OCU but also in wider policing skills. In an environment where all time off the job for training has to be carefully prioritised, this can be regarded as a 2-for-the-price-of-1 training programme, where management development also delivers results in core police activities.    more...

Executive Coaching Case Studies

The job of a coach is to provide a process to help the client move forward in his/her thinking. Sometimes this means mostly listening and asking questions to help the client clarify his own thoughts. Sometimes it means providing a framework to ensure that a new idea is considered from all useful angles, such as when goal-setting. Sometimes it means taking a systematic approach to overcoming a mental block. Sometimes, if the client is stressed or dealing with the results of major changes, it can mean guiding the client through a process to release negative emotions and restore the mind to a resourceful state.

The more of this kind coaching a client participates in, the more the mind is re-trained to use the processes unconsciously to resolve issues before the client is consciously aware of them. The key is always in the unconscious habits and the aim is to replace habits that lead to stress and failure with habitual processes that lead to success and satisfaction.

The client does not have to remember to do anything different, there is no fighting against natural inclinations, often clients forget that they ever had a mental block in the first place!

Here are some examples of how this achieves results in practice:  more...

Health and Well-being Coaching Case Studies

One of the presuppositions of NLP is that the mind and body affect each other. Most people are familiar with the effects of the body on the mind – a bad cold can leave you feeling a bit depressed, aches and pains can make you irritable and so on. Fewer people are consciously aware of the effect of the mind on the body but recent research has shown that what you think affects every cell in your body.

Since NLP can help us to have more choice and more control over what and how we think, there is a natural application of NLP techniques in addressing health problems, especially those problems that the medical profession identifies as ‘psychosomatic’, which simply means that the symptoms are caused by the mind. (Some would argue that all health problems originate in the mind but whether or not that’s true is irrelevant here.)

There are many different ways that we can address physical problems by working with the mind. The following examples illustrate some of the possibilities: more...

NLP Practitoner Training at Schaeffler (UK) Ltd

Schaeffler (UK) Ltd is a manufacturing business in the automotive sector that undertook an 18-month development programme that included all levels of management but focused mainly on the top team. For a total investment of less than £70,000 they achieved growth in business of 20% and reduced absenteeism by 16%, saving £20,000 in the first year.

This significant growth in business set them apart at a time when most other organisations in the sector were struggling. more...

Jaguar Land Rover IT

In October 2010 Brilliant Minds began working with the IT Leadership team at Jaguar Land Rover, specifically focusing on how IT engages with the rest of the organisation.

In many organisations the so-called ‘support services’ such as IT, HR, Finance, Legal and Purchasing can become somewhat marginalised.  Sometimes these departments are full of highly skilled, highly paid individuals…

…who are also highly dissatisfied!

At Jaguar Land Rover, changes of ownership had prompted a change in the culture in the IT department and the strategic plans of the business meant that relationship building between IT and other departments became very important.

IT Project team development at Norbert Dentressangle

Norbert Dentressangle approached Brilliant Minds to support the TMS Upgrade team with a programme of workshops and coaching focused on interpersonal and change management skills.  Over a period of 12 months, we facilitated 5 workshops for the team and supported the Project Leader with individual coaching.  The system upgrade was successfully completed with no major impact on business operations and a marked increase in the confidence and capability of the team.