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  • Weekly tasks that every manager can use to good effect, whatever the business, the size of the team or the level of performance
  • An overview of the 6-step plan (and a version to download after the event)
  • The three types of goal you might set for your whole team or individual members of the team, to maintain focus and channel energy into the right activities
  • Creating meaningful performance measures from your goals so that you can track your results and reward achievements
  • How to give feedback that results in behavioural change without unpleasant or embarrassingly emotional confrontations.


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If you're wondering whether this is relevant to YOU...

I believe being a successful leader involves three dimensions of activity:

  • FIRSTLY, there are the perennial activities of Leadership that you and I learned decades ago, but which are still relevant and necessary.  For example, to be a successful leader you must have clarity about the task or role you and your team perform and communicate it.  Just because we’ve known that forever, doesn’t make it any less true.
  • SECONDLY, there are the Leadership activities that relate specifically to you and your team.  If you lead a small team of highly cerebral technical professionals, you do different things from the leader of a large team of salespeople.  Also in this category are the activities relating to your own style of leadership.  These are based on your personality and values – they are different for every person.
  • THIRDLY, there are Leadership activities arising from the context in which you are working right now.  If you have a new team, you lead differently from the leader of an established team.  If your organisation is very successful right now, you work differently from when the business is struggling.  If you’re an experienced leader, you do it differently from when you were just starting out.

Which means you have a huge repertoire of leadership behaviour, right?

To be the leader your team needs RIGHT NOW, involves the right combination of activities from these three dimensions.  The first step is to work out which…

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