Bespoke Workshops

...for the times when 'off the shelf' won't do

If you plan to train more than a handful of people from your organisation, even a whole team, it’s usually more cost-effective to have us deliver the training in-house for you rather than sending lots of people to the public courses.

With a bigger project like this in mind, I appreciate that it’s important for you to find the right training partner to create and deliver your programmes. You might be looking for return on investment, or you might just be looking for training that delivers lasting results. Perhaps you want someone who understands your industry and the people that work in it.

Our main areas of experience are with finance, engineering and retail businesses. ­We work extensively with technical experts and the leaders who are responsible for them. ­Business partnering for all of the traditional ‘support services’ such as IT, Finance, HR and Legal is another area where we have a lot of experience.


Why work with Brilliant Minds?

­Work with us if you’re serious about creating change in your organisation.  We will create a development experience that delivers behavioural change, shifts in attitude and tangible business results.

  • Because we know our audience, there’s no fluffy stuff, no hype and no unnecessary role-playing in our workshops. It’s all about finding practical ways to create authentic professional relationships and high quality work.
  • You benefit from relevant experience and industry knowledge we gained working with technology, engineering, science and manufacturing businesses as well as range of service sector organisations.
  • You can be confident that every person in the Brilliant Minds team is dedicated to high standards. We continually develop our own skills and share our expertise with our clients.
  • At the 2009 National Training Awards, Brilliant Minds won a Welsh Training Award for Partnership and Collaboration with Schaeffler (UK) Ltd on an NLP Practitioner programme for the leadership team that enabled significant improvement in business results.
  • Developing a programme that meets your needs and delivers clear ROI is our top priority.

I’m not suggesting that we’re the perfect training partner for everyone but we’d like the opportunity to find out if what we do is a good fit for you. Book a free telephone consultation and we can talk through your requirements and find out if we can work together.

Call Sharon Smith on 01480 861569 or complete our Contact Form to arrange a free consultation.

What does it cost to work with Brilliant Minds?

­Depending on the size of project, our prices range from modest to ‘reassuringly expensive’. When we work with you, a price is quoted to do the job. That removes the need to come back to the negotiating table every time you need another meeting or a follow-up session with participants.

It’s probably fair to say we’re not anywhere near being the cheapest, nor do we aim to compete on price.  What I can promise, is that we create solutions that use the minimum amount of time, people and cost to get the job done.  Clients are often surprised that we don’t need lots of long sessions to make something happen.

Because we only work with a limited number of select clients at any one time, we can be available to you for ad hoc meetings, problem-solving, sponsor management or a sociable lunch. It’s all included in the price.

How does it work?


­If we decide that there’s a good fit between our organisations and we can work together effectively, you can either choose to have us deliver a programme exactly like one of the public programmes or we can tailor something to suit your needs.

Where possible we like to use tried-and-tested course material. This has the advantages a) that we know it works and b) it doesn’t cost you any design time. Having said that, we enjoy developing new material and we will create something brand new for you if we don’t have anything on the shelf that fits the bill. A lot of our bespoke programmes turn out to be a combination of material we’ve used before and new stuff that we put together for the project.

Our ‘flagship programme’, known simply as ‘The Brilliant Minds Programme’ uses a combination of competence assessment, personality profiling, NLP training workshops, individual coaching and practical application.


Companies we’ve worked with recently include:­

  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Roadchef
  • B & CE
  • Devon & Cornwall Police
  • Clarion Events
  • Spirent Communications
  • Amazon Web Services

Call Sharon Smith on 01480 861569 or complete our Contact Form to arrange a free consultation.

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