Neuro Linguistic Programming

Starting and Stopping

You already know that a lot of NLP focuses on structure and patterns in communications and behaviour.  Have you ever considered the structure of the kind of work that you’re best at?

One element of structure relating to work activities is the part of a process where you do your best work...

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Are you Convinced?

If you want to influence other people's decison-making, it's essential to understand their convincer strategies. Here is an explanation of how someone achieves the frame of mind that convinces them to act and how to spot the four fundamentally different types of convincers.

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How to Learn from Everyday Experience

Experience is highly valued in the jobs market and it’s something that you can’t easily buy.  However, the value of your experience is not measured in how many years you’ve been in a career or in how many companies you’ve worked for, the value of your experience is in what you have learned from it.

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Are You Leaving Your Influence to Chance?

Influence can sometimes appear to be an ‘in-the-moment’ phenomenon.  Certainly the actual results of your influence seem to hinge on specific conversations at specific times.  But unless you’re happy to let your opportunities to influence be dictated by chance, there is planning you do in order to influence the right people.

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Place of Work

For most of us, technology enables us to work anywhere, anytime.  I’m writing this article using my laptop at a training centre in Singapore.  I’m connected to the building’s guest wi-fi so I can send the finished piece to my colleague back in the UK, who is at this moment probably asleep.

Technology means that we can work anywhere, yes.  The question is, where is the best place for you to work?

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When the First Flush of Enthusiasm Wears Off

We’ve all done it.  Started the year, month, week or even the day full of big plans and enthusiasm only to find that the goal was more challenging than expected and that the initial enthusiasm wasn’t enough to carry us through to successful completion.

What to do then?

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Capability or Credibility?

I’ve been working in Management and Executive Development for over 20 years now and I’ve never been more convinced of the importance to businesses of having capable leaders.  In challenging times, we all want managers and leaders who can deliver results.

What I’ve realised recently is that the key is not in the capability of our managers and leaders but in their credibility.  And these are two entirely different things.

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Stress Management