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Attention: CIOs, HR Directors and Senior Managers with responsibility for IT professionals...

"Why Does The IT Department Nearly Always
Come Bottom In The Staff Survey?" 


In this free report you discover:

  • The 3 SIMPLE CAUSES of the cynics in your IT team getting more and more disaffected and dragging others down with them, which managed properly, become your IT Department's 3 greatest strengths
  • The ONLY thing you need to know about Personality Types if you're serious about tackling this problem and engaging the profitable brainpower in your IT team
  • The NUMBER 1 REASON your average IT professional won’t offer his opinions in a meeting - and the simple-to-implement method of finding out what he REALLY thinks
  • The REAL reason why there's a disconnect between the business plan and the technology plan - and the DAMAGE that's doing to your business
  • The SIX HABITS you cultivate to AVOID wrecking the crucial relationships in your IT Department
  • The ONE COMMITMENT you can make straight away to start re-engaging some of the smartest people in your organisation
  • The 2 THINGS you need to consider before offering leadership training to Project Managers - and the one thing you NEVER do on a training programme
  • The intriguing possibilities for Business Leaders who are willing to 'grasp the nettle' and start paying attention to the cynics and sceptics


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